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I went online to apply for my SFR when I noticed as of Feb 8th Realtor University has an accredited Masters Program. My first thought was hmmm this sounds interesting. So I go searching and clicking around and found out that it isn't too bad. Still a little pricey and considering that I am gettin...
So I am watching House Hunters and I watch these poor people try to buy the house of their dreams only to be dragged through disappointment. All I can do is wonder what America thinks of the Real Estate Agents in these episodes. Some of them aren't that great in my opinion. Some of them are ok. ...
I was reading Real Estate magazine by RIS Media. They had an article in there suggesting that if you are not helping people with finding rental properties then you are losing some potential business.  I also heard that many people refuse to waste their time on this. I wonder why you wouldn't help...
 So I was out for a couple of days due to some awful case of food poisoning. At least that is what I assume it was because it came about within 4 hours of eating dinner. Ewww. Anyway, that gave me time to think about my goals and making a list. So I made 2. One for business and one for personal. ...
  Happy New Year!   I am hoping that the new year will bring a better outlook on life and a better outlook with business. It has been a rough year. I had so many trials and tribulations that I have to work on this year. I have to see how I can grow my business and gain more leads. I need to lear...
 So I am wondering why some people vehemently despise cats. I have heard so many comments as to they are sneaky and and too independent. More say they are dirty. All I can say to this is -REALLY? They are sneaky because that have to be to catch pray. That is what is in their nature. Why is that a...

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