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As real estate agents, at the end of the day, we’re in business to make money, and our bottom lines don’t discriminate. Complaints about the market changes over the past few years just make me shake my head.  I like to look at change not as an obstacle, but as an opportunity. For agents, one of t...
Social media can be scary; somewhat like the school playground where making the right connections can result in certain privileges and special access to information. However, in business networking has real bottom-line benefits and much higher stakes. Read on to find out which friends and connect...
Obama’s FY2013 budget proposal includes an extension of the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007. The Act ensures that homeowners who received principal reductions or other forms of debt forgiveness on their primary residences do not have to pay taxes on the amount forgiven. Without the ...
Professionals Realty Group USA (ProsUSA) President Glenn Melton reports that the recent Chinese government's liberalization of restrictions on investing capital outside of the country, will have a positive trickling down affect on real estate brokers and agents' business in the United States. "Th...
We spotted this post on the Kashoo blog: Yes, it’s here: the end of the year, and a busy time for you as a solo practitioner or small business owner! As the new tax-filing season looms in the first quarter of the new year, it is also the time for you to review your business finances. If you have ...
Why lawmakers benched Fannie, Freddie - By Tom Kelly - Inman News® We've all heard stories about second-team players that were thrust into the starting lineup because the usual starters were not healthy enough to play -- or whose past performance did not merit a starting role. The same was true f...
Waiver for 90-day resales extended through 2012 - By Inman News - Inman News® For the second year in a row, the Federal Housing Administration is extending a temporary waiver of its "anti-flipping" rule, meaning homebuyers relying on FHA-insured financing will continue to be able to buy homes tha...
25 Phrases TO Calm Customers •1)    I'm sorry for your inconvenience•2)    What can we do to make you happy?•3)    No wonder you're feeling frustrated•4)    Please tell me what happened•5)    How can I help?•6)    We value your business; so we want to resolve this quickly for you•7)    I apprecia...
Welcome to Get GREIN, your Global Real Estate Investment Network! Congratulations for taking the time to invest in your future! Get GREIN is a unique Real Estate Investment and Educational Club offering to our members many Global Real Estate Investment Networking Opportunities.   In 2008 the Glob...
Welcome to Rich Woman Club Please visit our website http://www.richwomanclub.com/ . My name is Nayda Reyes, Founder & CEO of the Rich Woman Club.  Just like you, I am looking to meet exceptional woman & entrepreneurs that can share a wealth of information and create priceless memories together.  ...

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