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Ok so I have switched companies.  My previous company was a great place to be, but they were structured so that they only dealt with good credit and people who were going to fit into a few programs and I felt like being new to mortgage brokerage that I needed to be able to offer my clients much m...
So my husband & I went with 3 other couples to see our team (the Titans) play against the Tampa Bay Bucs about a week & a half ago.Did we think we were going to win?  Heck yeah!!  Did we think we were going to get on t.v. with our shirts that spelled out G-O-T-I-T-A-N-S, you bet we did, ESPN mayb...
As a new Realtor last year, all I kept hearing about was how much it sloooows down during the holidays.  Some people seem to just breeze on through the holidays and then others say it's the worse time of the year (for business anyway).  Looking back I'd say I didn't really see the slow down until...
I have to say I am really loving my job right now.  I just got an approval for the SWEETEST man moving here from CA & I can't wait to meet him.  He's my second real client & you know what he has been a dream, and actually my first clients were dreams too.  I must just be lucky, although I did hav...
Have any of you read the book The E-Myth?  I'm almost through with it and although I find it very interesting & I get the point, my question is this.If you've read the book, how as a Mortgage Person (Realtor) have you been able to put into action the steps talked about in it?  Thanks!  
Ok, so here's my thing.  I've been a Mortgage Loan Consultant now for a whopping 4 months and in that span of time I have started wondering.  Why do we even bother with a pre-qual?  I mean to me it seems like such a waste of time.  Now don't get me wrong, I want to get these people pre-approved (...
So I go into this realty office, which up until now I have not visited, & meet with this new Realtor (year & a half).  So we're talking & he tells me a story about this broker that he had been sending business to (to the tune of about a mill) & the guy did him wrong (on the realtors personal loan...
Ok, so here I am again asking for advice.  But I'm new what can I say.  Ok, here goes.  To all you experienced mortgage broker's, what would you say was the single most important thing to do as a newbie?  And what would you say is the single most important thing that you do now as a seasoned loan...
Ok, so I tried to sign in to my Realtor website & could NOT remember my password.  So then I tried to e-mail myself the password & the ONLY two e-mail accounts that I have was not receiving the info sooo the only thing I can think is when I originally signed up as a Realtor was when I had my bell...

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