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Under current tax law, an individual can gift up to $13,000 each year to any individual with no taxable consequences to anyone. If you and your spouse gift to your child and his or her spouse, that gift can total $52,000-a sizeable down payment. Couple this notion with one of the options below fo...
19 June 2-6 Winthrop Park, 6th Annual Wine Festival"Enjoy the classic jazz stylings of local trio Harmony Junction, hors d'oeuvres, art, and more while tasting a selection of wines from Washington State wineries. Located by the scenic Methow River, the Winthrop Park is a great place to relax and ...
Rastra Construction can be cheaper to work with than standard wood framing; it's as strong as reinforced concrete; and, to top it off, its main ingredient is recycled, post-consumer polystyrene - better known as Styrofoam. So it's no surprise that the increasingly popular construction material c...
I am often asked the question- how long does it take to build?  The answer is, of course, it depends.  But here are some factors to consider. Things that take time before you start building.  These should be completed in the fall/winter before you plan to break ground: •1.       Do you have home ...
Seem impossible?  I invite you to think outside the box. Buying raw land can be intimidating.  The journey from a lot with no improvements to a finished home is a long one.  Some call it a labor of love- some call it a nightmare.  It is no secret that you will always spend more on custom contruct...
The days of solar power being only for remote off-grid homes are over.  Going green is easier and more cost effective than you might think. The Energy Improvement and Extension Act of 2008 extends the 30% investment taxcredit for solar energy property and qualified fuel cell property through 2016...

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