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You saw it, and it was love at first sight: your platinum Rolex watch. You pined for it for months, slowly scheming up ways to save for it. You avoided those 4 dollar lattes, skipped your weekly trip to the shopping mall, and brown-bagged it at work in order to save up some extra dough to be able...
We all love to travel. As the summer days are slowly inching closer, many of us our placing more focus on planning vacations and tanking trips. Whether you are planning a romantic excursion with your significant other, a Vegas trip with your buddies, or a camping trip with your entire family, it ...
Many people believe that if they need nursing care when they're older, the government will pick up the bill. Don't convince yourself quite yet: Medicaid might pay for half your cost, and that's if you qualify. A better plan is to invest into long term care insurance. This will pay for your expens...
A church or any house of worship can be a minefield of potential lawsuits. Many churches have playgrounds, woods nearby, steps leading to a platform, floors on which people could slip, and hot beverages for Sunday mornings. Churches are full of elderly who can easily fall, as well as small childr...
A common misconception is that your homeowners policy will cover the jewelry that you're wearing all the time (such as your wedding ring). A homeowners policy may cover loss of jewelry if your home is robbed or if there's a fire, but normally it insures jewelry only up to around $1500. You should...
Any experienced traveler, whether traveling for business or pleasure, knows better than anyone that things can go wrong on your way to and from, and it can take just the smallest mishap to ruin your entire trip. There’s always that feeling of “What am I forgetting?” before any flight or ride. Som...

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