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Let's talk about great marketing ideas...things that worked for you. Maybe you have a relationship building technique, or a special program on your website or an email deployment strategy. Share them with us.
A couple of months ago, two engineers dropped by our office to talk about a lead generation program for their consultancy business. "Things are slow," said one of them, "and we might have to lay off some of our staff." So we asked questions and learned about how they made their money, got an ide...
I love the art prints, and where is the offer? November11 Recently a client came to our offices to tell us all about his fabulous line of art books. They were great, and we enjoyed seeing the art, before it was published. He mentioned the thickness of the books, the special art historian who was ...
I just read about this man who tried to sell his home for a while. Since he couldn't, he is trying to give it away as a prize for the person who tells the most compelling story about why they want it.   There is an entry fee for his contest and it might be fun. If you try it, will you come back a...
GUEST: Lois Geller TOPIC: What is the best forms of marketing to conduct in a challenging economic year? Lois Geller talks with Jim Blasingame about several different ways to connect with prospects and stay connected to customers, including something they call "laser marketing." Brought to you b...
It seems that in years past, a real estate agent could decide which homes to show me on any given trip we made together. I have read recently in an interesting book about the way you position the alternatives...often precipitates the decision by your client. So, if you have (1) one home to show ...
Are there some brokers who can get better rates than others? It seems that their works with all different banks, and in New York...I had a broker like that who helped me with the financing of my apartment there. However, when I moved to Florida, my lawyer recommended a mortgage person who works f...
I sent your answers to my friends, who had a seller's  agent that said their bid was too low to take to the seller. They cited some of your responses, so she took the offer to them, and yesterday they signed the contract for their dream home. Thank you so much for your help and advice.
Friends of mine recently have been interested in a home in the area. When they called the seller's agent, and told them they wanted to put in an offer. She said it was too low, and the owner's wouldn't entertain it. Is there a way to "officially submit a bid", in writing as the buyer's don't have...
As I talk to realtors each day, I begin to wonder about the “cul de sac” markets. Oh yes, we are all familiar with cul de sac streets. My sister, Margot lived on one in Long Island. It was a special place because it was safe for the kids...a dead end, and I always liked it....because it went in ...
This is a wonderful example of personalizing a video. I saw that someone on Active Rain had sent a video message to a prospect where she told him that she was very sure she could sell his home. She hoped he would have a good vacation, and then talk to him when he returned.  This video is just for...

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