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Lois Geller
Marketing Trainer/Speaker/Author
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Lois K Geller is a veteran marketing expert. She has worked in direct marketing and interactive for many years for large agencies and for clients. She is the founder and president of Lois Geller Marketing Group, a full-service direct response agency. Lois is the author of Response! The Complete Guide to Profitable Direct Marketing, Direct Marketing Techniques, and Customers For Keeps. She is a frequent radio and television panelist. Her "Direct Marketing Diva" column is featured in Fortune On-Line. She was an adjunct professor at New York University. She has won the Silver Apple Award for Lifetime Achievement in Direct Marketing, has received the Echo Award in direct marketing and many RSVP Awards in Canada.

She happened into the world of real estate when she moved her company and employees to Florida from Manhattan...and found her mailbox was jammed full of real estate mailings that were really a waste of time and money. She sat down to right an article about how to improve mailings and before she knew it, a publisher gave her an offer and it became a best selling book.


Sold! Direct Markeitng for the Real Estate Pro, is already one of the top four real estate books on Amazon.com.  Sold! is about using proven, profitable direct marketing techniques to develop and grow relationships with people...hundreds even thousands of people, each of whom will buy and sell two, three, four homes in their lifetime.

Many agents and mortgage brokers have requested seminars based on the book, including Douglas Elliman of New York, Coldwell Banker, Lore Real Trends Conference, The Luxury Portfolio, among many othrs. Her seminars are packed with information and audiences find inspiration in her interactive approach and enthusiasm. She does 6 to 10 keynote speeches each year around the world.

If you are interested in learning more about Lois, check out this article in Fortune.





Real Estate Relish.com

RealEstateRelish.com is a website that is created for real estate agents with one motive in mind: to help you to try more marketing programs (that have a good chance of working). The website is full of all kinds of ideas that you can begin using right away. Along the way, you will begin to enjoy the process of creating programs that people respond to....because what you are really doing is making new relationships in the mail, and building your database of prospects, customers and friends.

It is a system, and once you learn how it works....you can get an even flow of prospects, and customers to call you. The reason some of your own direct mail might not have worked is because i wasn't targeted correctly, or you didn't offer your prospect something interesting, or you didn't sound like a real human being in your copy. Fix those things and you will see your business grow, wherever you live.

 So, if you've been sitting on properties for months and months, or they have buyers on the fence, indecisive and bargaining more than ever before, try some ideas on realestaterelish.com.  It is the perfect time to launch a direct mail campaign, because a program done well, and to the right list can bring you more leads than you thought possible.       So, while the phone is not ringing, and you're not showing a lot of properties ...is the perfect time to focus on a new system to build your business in good times and flat times...like now. Direct mail is proven to bring results for all kinds of companies, offering products and services  If you can sell a car through the mail, or a brace of pheasants, or Bailiwick of Guernsey stamps., American Express Cards, ..or my agency's services....you can prospect in your area, make more friends than you ever thought possible, get people to respond to you...and refer buyers and sellers in an ongoing basis. All you have to do is start now.  "Realestaterelish.com gave me some super ideas that I am using all the time now, so I check into the website a few times a week, and purchased Lois Geller's seminar too. It has been working for me." Bob Gordon            

We're a direct marketing agency that works with large accounts, helping them to acquire hundreds and thousands of new customers. Recently we started looking at developers and large real estate agencies...and how they can develop a system for getting leads, and closing sales using direct mail.





Marketing trainer/speaker/ author. She brings skillsets from big corporations to the real estate agent : helps them build brand personality and an ongoing system to bring in solid business.