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Marketing Merge is observes from the oustside of local news stories and provides a spin on how un conventional thinking can be applied for a common solution with better results. From policy to stradegy and the benefit of affordable non-traditional alternative marketing solutions.
Over the past year I've been collaborating with other business partners to launch a safe and reputable online business. We are both regionally and locally managed to provide a safety net against some of the negative marketing issues that occur in similar business models. So when I received the em...
Harrisburg City is flooded with debt and its share of financial trouble. Now the city learns that Mayor Linda Thompson is facing foreclosure on her property located at 2320 N. Fifth St. The former home of Loveship Inc. Not only is Metro Bank starting the foreclosure process Mayor Linda Thompson i...
This is a special thanks to Tim Straub broker/owner of Straub & Associates Homefindergroup Inc.. Listings from Tim's office are now posted on Harrisburg's Noahslist Marketplace Classifieds. You can view his property ads at We are here to...
Noahslist Tips on selling Take several well focused photographs. Make sure to each photo shows a different perspective or view of the object your selling. Describe the item accurately. Otherwise you'll more than likely disappoint your prospective buyer and loose them all together. Price it right....
Noahslist Marketplace Classifieds is a great place to connect with the general public. Post your ads for free to attract new prospects. Quicksell upgrades provide better exposure yet. With traditional print media continuously losing both readers and advertisers it's time to consider optional ways...
What is the most cost effective way to generate leads today? Newspaper ads? Radio advertising? Bill boards? Direct mailings? Email marketing? Door hangers? Internet? Word of mouth? All of the Above? There's no doubt that I'll get a different answer to every one of those possibilities and some I d...
Depends. Now that I have your attention I just read information on copyrighted material and how to use it. I don't provide this as anything other than worthwhile reading. Original content isn't hard to create. I just start with ideas in my head then write them down. In the case of a blog I type t...
I'm curious about leaders or trend setters and their followers. We have all seen or know of them. An individual or a company that takes off. They break and set records or achieve great success in a short period of time. Others try to emulate that success or copycat them. Is it luck, skill or a li...
Hello Activerain members. On December 12, 2011. Direct to Market LLC. will start a bill board advertising campaign in Camp Hill, PA. The LED bill board is located east bound on rt. 581 going toward the capital city of Harrisburg. Over 50 thousand cars per day will pass the electronic sign display...
I just wanted to thank all of those folks who have welcomed me to the activerain community. I look forward to building dynamic business relationships with like minded people. I wonder if this might be something like Galt"s gulch? Yea, just testing the water.

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