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Marketing Merge is observes from the oustside of local news stories and provides a spin on how un conventional thinking can be applied for a common solution with better results. From policy to stradegy and the benefit of affordable non-traditional alternative marketing solutions.
I've had a few responses to my Linktowns post recently. I was asked for input on the design elements on what agent brokers need to compete in today's marketplace. What started with ideas on how to connect with the local consumer what has spawn is linktowns. It's not just a real estate portal it's...
New to the social networking world is Linktowns. Linktowns offers business owners the power of social media with exclusivity for a specific town by subscription. Retail and service industries will both benefit from the features linktowns offers. Paypal store fronts, linkedin profiles, self manage...
Following the last post on "Who gets the listing" I wanted to share the selling of this property. About 90 days had passed when activity took off. The first contract was FHA. The estate attorney recommended a straight rejection of the contract with no further contact with the buyers agent in rega...
I was contacted by an executor to sale a property for and estate. We executed a listing agreement and I started marketing. Meanwhile I was contacted by a local real estate agent informing me that she had listed the property with the person who inherited the property a week earlier. Who has the ri...
What's your experience on contracts that changed during the execution of contingencies. Did they close at settlement?   I have three I'll post starting this week that made it to settlement
  The Indispensable Opposition, by Walter Lippmann, is a short essay I had to read in a creative writing class at HACC. Harrisburg Area Community College. It had an impact on me the first time a read it and today I think back to it often as I hear news from my children on what subjects they are n...
IDX syndication has been around for a few years now. However, have we stopped to consider if allowing access to the pool of listing inventory to so many venues been a real benefit to the broker/agent and the consumer? I remember listening to a story told from a broker I had my license with back i...
The image I used for my blog was taken on the rte 83 bridge looking east across the Susquehanna river. Harrisburg is a beautiful city with alot to see. It's hard to believe that the city is bankrupt and the leaders have no idea how to cope with it. Ths picture doesn't begin to hint that it's a ci...
Reported in The Baltimore Sun on Dec. 28th, 2011 was a front page headline that read MD. home values fall 17%. The article had more to do with property assessment appeals than home values to this reader. This economy has been a bust for many and pointing a finger to blame solves nothing. Although...
The local classified website Harrisburg Noahslist provides local area businesses an online venue to post free classified ads promoting their business. Contrast that with the proposal to raise the tax rate in Swatara Township 24% and the free advertising available with Harrisburg Noahslist can hav...

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