Living in paradise comes at a hefty price.In the Honolulu, HI, metro area, the median sale price of an existing single-family home was $745,300 in the third quarter of 2016, according to the National Association Realtors. Behind the San Jose, CA, and San Francisco, CA, metro areas, Honolulu was t...
Note: For full survey with interactive results, please see new survey of more than 5,000 recent homebuyers found that Iowans are the happiest with their home purchase in 2019 — but nearly 1 million homebuyers national...
Adding any kind of native tree, shrub, or flower to your landscaping is a win-win. Native plants are hardier and can handle periods of drought, and they require less maintenance. Native plants also help to combat the invasive nature of foreign plants that can choke out many Raleigh yards.As one o...
LawnStarter recently produced a study on housing recovery in the Memphis, TN area. Key Findings The median home value in Memphis, TN-MS-AR has reached $121k - 89% of the area's pre-recession peak of $136k. In terms of recovery, the region is ahead of the US and behind Tennessee. Home values in th...
3 Ways Yard Work Instills Responsibility in ChildrenVisit the original post by LawnStarter Birmingham here.For any Birmingham parent, teaching responsibility is an ongoing task that requires focused attention and effort in raising children. In a society where most children are plugged into some f...
The holiday hustle and bustle is typically defined by excessive seasonal sales, frequency in traveling, and most importantly the holiday spirit made visible by an elucid display of decorations on homes and local businesses. As a company who provides lawn service to thousands of homes all over the...
  This visualization was researched and produced by LawnStarter Hartford. Data came from Zillow and the US Census.
This data vizualization is courtesy of LawnStarter St. Louis, an on-demand lawn service that writes about lawn care and local trends in the communities which the company services.
While the US residential housing market is recovering on a steady trajectory, the market still has not recovered to its pre-recession highs. The median home value in US is still only 86% of the nation's pre-recession high, and only 34% of homes have had their values surpass their pre-recession pe...
We published an article ranking the fastest growing cities in the entire state of Alabama.Only cities of 10,000 or more people in 2016 were featured on our list. 1. Fairhope: growth rate of 25.84 percent, adding 3,988 new residents2. Daphne: 18.80 percent, adding 4,101 new residents3. Auburn: 17....

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