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I think it's time to be smart. Smart about every dime you possess. That includes being smart about your mortgage financer. Consider all the options and be smart, it's your money.
Is the money gone for mortgage backed securities?  Does anyone really care?  Probably not, but the government is trying to follow Europe's lead in the method of choice for financing the issuance of residential mortgages to the public, and it looks like that is going forward. Secretary of state Pa...
Subprime mortgages have now been credited for bankrupting well over 110 lenders and seriously damaging operations at many major mortgage firms. They've reportedly wiped out 5 hedge funds, tens of thousands of jobs, and have led to millions of foreclosures with millions more on the way. And, as if...
Broker Magazine, a mortgage loan industry trade publication, ranked Clarion Mortgage ( Capital as the number one mortgage brokerage firm for 2007. In a year marked by foreclosures and shrinking loan volume, Clarion rose to the top by attracting professional loan ori...
Press release from the California state capital July 20,2008;  a model for other states but as usual the government cut out selected areas for no participation in the free money.  Too bad for my county, Lake, in Northern California.  We missed the stimulus jumbo too...@@#^%@#?>..... Larry $200 Mi...
I think it's time to be smart. Smart about every dime you possess.  That includes being smart about your mortgage financing agent. What is he doing, do I have options.  What are my other options.  What is the dollar score.  Who gets what.   If he raises the price of the deal at the end for no goo...
Real estate agents and just regular old 'you and I' public have individual needs when it comes to borrowing money to finance real estate purchases or refinances.  Lenders or R.E. agents might tell you, you will be hard to finance but we'll try, or they may just tell you they tried their best sour...

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