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Yesterday,Kathy Streib mentioned in her post,  that today July 11th, is National Pet Photo day.  Ron took this picture of Quincy focused on the hunt.   He had spotted a lizard and not doubt was planning his best strategy!  On that day, the lizard outsmarted Quincy and got away, before Quincy made...
We love discovering what the low tide uncovers, and this sand dollar was one of the highlights of our walk.  It was alive, so we let it be.  We have a box full of them.  On one occasion when we were walking along the beach, we met a German lady who was visiting California.  She told me that sand ...
And we were back at the harbor today to buy some blue fin tuna (akin to ahi tuna) was on special for the week.   As we were walking around the building, we spotted this Corvair 2 door coupe (pictured above)with red interior.  Chevrolet manufactured them from 1960-69.  It was Chevrolet's attempt t...
Early this morning, we were out for a walk on Sandyland Beach.  We love early morning tides, because so few people are out.  It is just the locals and their dogs.  Everyone says good morning and smiles.On our way back, we spotted this beautiful creature dead in the sand.  This is a jellyfish,  So...
 Early this morning as we were planning our day, we decided that we needed to take time off and do something special.  After we both completed our "must get done" list, we drove to the Santa Barbara Harbor pictured above.  Our lunch destination was Brophy Brothers Seafood Restaurant.  Pictured ab...
Yesterday late afternoon, we wandered out to Sandyland beach.  The word "eau" in my title is the French word for water, and is also pronounced "OH"!  If I were to brand the ocean's perfume it would be called "Eau de Fun & Joy!  It was so delightful to see young and old enjoy wading, swimming, sur...
Pictured above is the front side of an 8 1/2" by 11" postcard.  We received this card from the Rubicon Theatre Company who due to our present health crisis cannot resume live theatre.  We loved their creative solution.  The Ventura County Fairgrounds which also canceled their annual event has bec...
 Neither one of us has ever been a fan of the word motivation.  We have always felt that motivation comes from an outside source.  That outside source often has an accountability system as part of the motivation process. By definition: Motivation is the word derived from the word 'motive' which m...
We both enjoy this view while sitting on our deck on a summer afternon. The hibiscus bush is growing taller and taller with plenty of big pink blossoms.  We see Monarch butterflies flit by, humming birds and yellow orioles visit the bird of paradise.  This bird of paradise is a dark blue with whi...
These purple artichokes are grown by Ocean Mist in Castroville, California.  Castroville is known as the artichoke capital.  These purple ones pictured above are our favorites.  They have a distinct nutty flavor and do not lose their color when cooked.  You can cook them  like an ordinary articho...

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