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Our blog is written for REALTORs and Real Estate Agents who want to learn more about Social Media Marketing, Blogging and Video Marketing. We provide tips, tools, product reviews and resources that Realtors(r) can use to grow their business. We also show you how to improve these platforms with specific details and information that you can apply to your Marketing Strategy. We know that every task you do doesn't directly make you money. So you should be delegating those tasks to professionals with experience and knowledge. We can do it faster and better! Our job is to EXPOSE YOU!



Are you building relationships with Social Media? How many platforms do you belong to? How much time do you spend doing your social media posting? Are you posting to each platform individually or do you use a tool like Hootsuite to help you? Are you commenting on other posts? What are you specif...
Top 5 Things to Prepare for 2014 - Tip #5 -Prepare for Growth By no means was this 2014 preparation list all-inclusive. I could go on and on fact, I have one bonus Tip for next time!!! My mantra is with systems comes sanity. So begin with organization. Follow the tips and suggestions I r...
Top 5 Things to Prepare for 2014 - Tip 4 - Hire an Assistant Let's start off 2014 with some really good ideas. We have been learning about Social Media and Marketing. It has been fun, hasn't it! :-) Many of you may have decided that hiring someone to do your blogging and social marketing makes th...
Top 5 Things to Prepare for 2014 - Setting Your Budget We have discussed how much time it takes to keep up with social media. The more platforms you are engaged with the more time you will need to spend maintaining them. Remember the 3 C's. Courtesy, Content, Communication You want to be courteou...
Prepare for 2014 - Tip 3 - Setting your Social Media Budget With my last blog post I meant to tell you so much more than I was able to squeeze in!! The topic was supposed to be Setting your social media and social marketing budget. Well, I got a little sidetracked and really never go to the topic...
Top 5 Things to Prepare for 2014 - Tip 3 I don't know why I made this tip #3. It is one of the most important investments you can make for your business for 2014. I would venture to guess that many of you know about social marketing and social media. You know you should be doing it but "it's time...
Top 5 Things to Prepare for 2014 - Tip 2 Who are Your Buyers? Who are your Sellers? Where do your relocation clients primarily come from? Capitalize on this information!!! Review your clients and sales information for 2013. Maybe you realize the majority of your buyers were looking for homes in t...

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Our specialty is all facets of Real Estate Social Media and Marketing. Our Team of Virtual Assistants provide tools and resources that you can use to grow your real estate business online. We develop, implement and maintain social media and marketing plans for REALTORS(r).

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Social Media isn't just a suggestion for business marketing, it's a Necessity!

Social Media Marketing also helps you create and maintain your branded image so people separate you from all of the rest of the neighborhood Agents.

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