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Builders and Sellers can offer to pay the buyer's interest for up to the first 6 months of the note.    The builder/seller can pay out of the max seller party contribution (seller paid closing cost) the buyers interest for up to the first 6 months of the note. Example:  FHA Purchase price $180,00...
Ever had a sale fall through b/c of a few items needing adjusting on the home?  You buyer would be willing to pay for them (an inspection due to their satisfaction..... is what is holding the sale up) but has no extra cash. This loan is a perfect solution.  There are items that are not allowed to...
Not many lenders use this program.  It is definitely a perfect program for those areas that qualify.  First of all it is, other than the VA loan, the only 100% loan..actually 102% loan.  It has income restraints along with restricted areas that the loan can be used, but it has no private mortgage...

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