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Light up your for sale sign.When darkness come, what happens to your FOR SALE sign?  Does it just go dark and no one sees it or do you light it up for excellent exposure?I'm selling one of my "Listing Lights", if you are interested, take a look here, it's on Ebay.
Merry Christmas
How a file saved, saved my bread bakingI was waiting for the bread dough to rise enough to put in the oven, so I went to my computer to look for something on the net.  When I found it, I saved it to my C drive.Timer went off and I put the bread dough in the oven, then went to talk with someone ou...
What to do after upgrading to central airDo you repair the siding where the wall units were or do you leave them there and box them in with insulation inside the house "Just in case you have a problem with the new AC sometime in the future?"The outside of the house will need more attention then t...
What do you know about GMO in food? Please watch this video or buy the book Genetic Roulette by Jeffrey M Smith.
Summer sunset at the beach with friendsSummer is here and one of the nicest places to pass the time is at the beach with friends.Staten Island has a beautiful beach area called Gateway National Recreation Park, located in the Great Kills area.  Here is one of my photographs of a sunset there.
Open Heart Surgery, My StoryWhere do I start?  First let me say that I'm writing this for only one reason, information for anyone experiencing symptoms that might be related to heart disease, to give you hope and courage so that you take whatever steps are needed for your good health.  Doing noth...
Can you name a club that nobody wants to join?Many people do join this club I'm thinking of.  Like the title suggests, no body want to joint it, but they will.  Age, color, gender, size, income, doesn't matter. I'll give a you a little time to think about this and reply soon.  BTW, I just joined,...
The Power of a Simple Smile. Today I went into the hospital for a simple procedure but for me it was entering into the world of the unknown. Having been in great health all my life, hospitals for me were only great big buildings,  some fancy and some just plain old buildings, so it was an interes...
Sellers, Beware of high prices from your buyer Why would a buyer over bid on a unit that is on the market?  Because they want to be the winner on the unit.  Maybe its priced low or just right and it's getting a lot of action, the high priced bid will definitely get attention.  What are the pitfal...

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