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Russian email hackersQuestion for all the smart folks out there in Internet land.If the Russians hacked into John Podesta email, as the White House has admitted, do you think they hacked into Hillary's emails?
Warning, another great scamThese scammers are getting very clever, did you get a similar notice?Of course I did not click on the attachment, which I didn't include here.  I simply went to my paypal account and looked at it.  No activity lately.  Wow! UPS Customer:The attached file details adjustm...
A fair tax for all.Yes folks it's election time again and some candidates are advocating for a "fair tax for all".  Sometimes they call it "Your fair share."So let me ask them, and you are most welcome to comment here, just what is "a fair share?.Any self employed person pays 14% in social securi...
Your honest opinion pleaseCan you please look at the pictures below, tell me which one you like best and why you like that one.It's the same flower, A Stargazer Lily, but I made a few different adjustments to each.Even if you don't like any please tell me.Thank you for your opinion.
Hey folks, can you do me a favor?I'm retired from Real Estate but........................................I love taking pictures and have a website, kennethcolephotography.pixels.comI need  a business card and was thinking of using one of my pictures on the card, but I can't make up my mind which ...
Scams and other bad peopleDo we have to be careful with what we post?  Absolutely.  Speaking our mind about things can and will get bad people to try to shut us up.  That is a violation of  The First Amendment.  Problem is most of the time it's hard to prove it.I like to have a civil discussion a...
Happy birthday America 
To Retire or Not To Retire, That Is The QuestionAfter 45 years working as a newspaper Printing Pressman, and than ten years as a New York State Realtor the question of RETIREMENT comes to mind.As anyone who has read my previous posts knows, I had open heart surgery in April 2015.  I'm doing well ...
Talking House Radio Transmitting SystemThis is a complete system for sale, $99.00 plus shipping.  Also listed on ebay for more information and photos.Two transmitter units are for sale, ( used ) both have the house power adapter, one Microphone, two DVD's one VHS to leave with potential clients. ...
Subaru Forester 2016 Door Edge Kit Ice Silver Metallic, new, for saleList price is $115.00, it can be yours for only $65.00Item number SOA801POOOTQ 

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