Recent 3rd quarter statistics for Kauai appear to indicate a leveling off of pricing in the market.  Numbers indicate that sales are up and median pricing is also slightly up, leading to the notion that the bottom of the market may be behind us.  This is great news for buyers and sellers.  Buyers...
It may seem obvious to most real estate agents that Buyers and Sellers have two very different values for the same home and for very different reasons.  The trick is to get the two (Buyer and Seller) on the same page.  This situation is not so obvious to the Buyers and the Sellers of property...e...
If you are looking for a home but you think you can't quite qualify, please check out the Mortgage Credit Certificate site at Basically, this credit reduces the amount of taxes you pay to the federal government so you have more income to qualify ...
Each state has different requirements and time lines concerning the real property purchase process.  A major part of this process is, of course, the loan process.  As real estate agents, we must be certain to educate our buyers on this process and its importance with regard to the purchase transa...
..."after all, he has all the info on the property and knows what the seller will accept!  I'll get a deal!"  Really?  Under no circumstances will a listing agent tell a buyer or a buyer's agent how low the seller is willing or able to go.  This is confidential information and would violate the l...
In today's market, the term "foreclosure" is bantered about quite freely and used to cover the varying stages of the foreclosure process.  Foreclosure: This is a property that has been foreclosed on and the bank now owns it. Also known as an REO (real estate owned). Short Sale: This is a pre-fore...
As real estate agents, we deal with contracts, paperwork, and many diverse situations on a daily basis.  Any of these matters can easily cause confusion for our clients.  We have to remember that in representing our buyers and sellers, we must be very clear in explaining the documents they sign, ...
In this time of buyer's markets, the seller concerns seems to have been lost in the shuffle.  Because the home prices are coming down and sellers are usually taking a hit on their investment, many want to spend as little as possible selling their home.  This is a time when a listing agent can be ...

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