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This is good news for sellers, for buyers, and for real estate values in general because this will reduce the downward pressure on prices.  It works like this, when banks take long to approve an offer (anything over 72 hours is inappropriate) sellers sit, buyers' walk away, buyer's think they sho...
Don't suffer alone.  There is help. Compassionate help for homeowners who can't sell because there home is worth less than the loan pluse costs to sell, and can't keep up making the house peyments because of a change in your finances (either decreased income or increased expenses). Contact Karen@...
And we need your input and vote! Here are some excerpts from one of my lenders that will point you in a quick direction to make a difference.  The new HVCC law that now requires appraisals to be ordered through third party vendors and these third party vendors are allowed to skim as much as they ...
There are two first-time home buyer tax credits for which homebuyers should be aware.  The first one is for people who purchased a home after April 8, 2008 and on or before Dec. 31, 2008. The key features of this credit are: •·     Those buyers may claim a tax credit on their 2008 tax return, wit...
Leverage your capital - and get it into solid multifamily properties is my theme song this year.  The stock market is ready to take another tank, and financing is available (and rates are good 6.5%) for those with 20-30% down.  Sellers are now realizing that they need to sell to a buyer who can m...
I know that is a horribly long time since my last blog.  My father passed away and my PC crashed-- took me 2 months to fully rebuild it because the company I hired had created a back up system that didn't work-- boo. What I spoke of in early October 2008 was of the igniting effect of the changes ...
Soooo --- what do we need to do to stabilize the economy??? It's no doubt a very complex situation, but my continued thoughts for many years are that we must reverse our approach.  Instead of bigger is better, let's get out of denial and realize that it's small business that is the foundation of ...
Gosh -- what a wonderful welcome!  You guys are a great new family circle for me!   Thanks to my fellow agent Verity Mora for referring me to Acitve Rain.So I'm totally new to blogging and only 6 wks in real estate, but just wrote my first P & S that I expect to go through!!!  We've had a few off...

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