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Don't know if anyone else has the same pet peeve but I come to ActiveRain for information, ideas, successes and failures and NOT to see someone's listings!!!!!
Is anyone having any luck with listing router leads?   How are they distributed?  Isn't it better to develop relationships and refer to each other?
Am sitting here in the office today covering any calls or walk in business, the phones are not ringing, it's gray and gloomy out, the stereo isn't getting any reception so I can't listen to Christmas music........Bah humbug!  OK.....I've decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and be thankful f...
I awoke this morning to crisp clear blue skies, sunshine and a frigid 15 degrees!!!!!   Whatever happened to the sunny South?  Not to worry........Marcie (my puppy) didn't mind her walk through the woods crunching the frozen leaves as she stepped on them.   The beauty of the forest, trees and wil...
Any advice on selling a real estate "Package"?    My client wants me to market his home, furniture and vehicle as a package deal.   Unfortunately I don't see the furniture or vehicle as an added value, but instead as a negative which may narrow the number of potential buyers.   Help!!!!!    I thi...
Amazingly I never heard of SOI until a few months ago when I became interested in the posts on ActiveRain.   I guess I always had this "SPHERE" of favorite customers that I sold Jaguars to for the past ten years but I never catagorized them.   They were always my favorite people, they became frie...
Wow..............the colors were so vibrant last week, each time I went outside it made me smile =).  But as quickly as the fiery colors arrived they were soon gone.   So, I have to remember to take the time each year to spend as much time outside as I can in October or November when the leaves d...
Fall is the most inviting time of year in the North Georgia Mountains.   The trees are providing such a beautiful canopy of reds, yellows, oranges, greens and browns......such a treat despite the lengthy drought that is upon us.   Activities abound and might include hiking, camping, boating, fish...
Am beginning to venture outside my comfort zone........yes, I do farm/grow vegetables but now have realized that farming for business in listing and selling real estate is sooooo important!        Just recently I began calling sellers with EXPIRED LISTINGS and got very good feedback.   The seller...

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