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by Nick Gromicko and Rob London    Raising plants indoors is a home-healthy move because of their ability to clean the air of carbon dioxide, but their benefits don't stop there. It turns out that the average houseplant can remove formaldehyde, benzene, and a host of other toxins that plague typi...
by Nick Gromicko and Rob London   Static electricity is the buildup of electrical charges on the surface of non-conducting materials. It is called "static" because, unlike a home's electrical system, static electricity has almost no current. Static typically forms when two materials come into con...
by Nick Gromicko and Rob London     Nationwide, homeowners' associations (HOAs) govern the approved uses of millions of properties. While HOAs ostensibly uphold property values by ensuring uniformity or a community's aesthetic standard, they sometimes interfere with individual homeowners' attempt...
Using the new information that is now available about drinking water, citizens can be aware of the challenges of keeping drinking water safe and take an active role in protecting drinking water. There are lots of ways that individuals can get involved. Some people will help clean up the watershed...
by Nick Gromicko, Rob London and Kate Tarasenko  Relocation is often stressful and time-consuming, but rarely do we wonder about the impact the process has on the environment. This is amplified when moving to a smaller house or condominium, and additional decisions have to be made regarding items...
Time to think about indoor and outdoor safety. Todays tip is on pesticides .Pesticides are poisons designed to kill a variety of plants and animals, such as insects (insecticides), weeds (herbicides), and mold or fungus (fungicides). They are each composed of an inert carrier and a pest-specific ...
Come One Come All to The First Annual Alto Georgia Wing Fling BBQ Cook-Off!!! This year not only will we have classic car and tractors, live country music, face painting, boiled peanuts, world class BBQ, hot dogs and hamburgers and a parade that stretches from one end of town to the other,for the...
Many consider the water heater to be the most dangerous device in your house. Water heaters are equipped with a temperature- and pressure-relief valve (usually abbreviated TPV or TPR) that releases both hot water and built-up pressure if either gets too high (usually 150° F, or 300 pounds per squ...
Here is a new real estate fourm I have joined. I would like to invite all my AR friends to join. Real-Estate-Forums.net
These tips are for you and your clients. Pass them along. With proper maintenance, A home's heating and cooling systems should give you many years of service. Preventive maintenance will lower your energy costs, prevent costly repairs, and prolong the life of your systems. Regular maintenance wil...

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