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Bob's Blog is a continuing series of building technology half page or longer articles for Real Estate Professionals, as well as home buyers and home sellers. Information is presented from an experienced construction professional and residential inspector.
SO what's wrong with this?  Doesn't Look Too Bad, Right? The cantilevered structure of the balconies are fine.  There's some blistering paint on a nearby wall but thats just paint work. The balcony iron work is in good shape, firmly attached and no rust.  Caulking could look neater but it's doin...
    Asbestos is present in a great many homes and is a home value and health concern to everyone.   I very often am able to identify products that are in the homes that I inspect and can advise as to the risk concerns and the correct mitigation procedures. This is a reblog, and I usually disable ...
For anyone in the Montreal area this weekend, especially the West island, this is one of those you'll regret missing. For those who don't know, the Pointe-Claire village is the original area of the pioneering French farming village that developed this end of the island. Around this the modern ci...
  Here is a gerat way to clean up an unsightly condition that is problematic for many homeowners and housekeepers. Once it is cleaned up keep it from reoccurring by using the exhaust fan while the shower or tub is in use and for up to an hour afterwards (with the door closed). This will ensure th...
  This is a blog written by an experience realtor posting to her clientele. I couldn't say any more that would add anything significant. Comment directly on Lenn Harley's article. Except to say call me for these services for here in the greater Montreal area.     HOME INSPECTIONS ARE IMPORTANT FO...
The Big O, a new EPDM roofing membrane Here is a relatively new roofing product, especially when used for residential buildings. It will replace the older tar and gravel roofing systems for flat roofs. EPDM ethylene propylene diene Monomer (M-class) rubber
LEEDS schmeeds, Who needs LEEDS ! Or Bullshit Baffles Brains: I wrote this a s a comment to a blog posted today by Jay Markanich; I Have Never Seen This Before . I agree with Jay. This is potentially a dangerous and unsafe panel installation. The post got lots of comments and then Jay told me (co...
  Buying a home, even new, is like buying a used car. In a factory, so the legend goes, if your car is made on a hung-over Monday morning or a weekend-anticipating sloppy Friday, it might come out less than par. But it is still quality tested and within acceptable standards. So you don’t typicall...
We don't need to get it inspected before, that's the buyers expense, right? Well ....... consider this;   You have to have it tested, you can't prove it, you can only say you suspect it, unless........ it's labeled But there it was; Yes it's labeled. This is rare,....SO rare... I never ever expec...
A BOLO.... yes ...'Be On the LookOut",,, for a 'bad news' inspection! Monday, my neighbour flagged me down as I was heading out for the day. I stopped and rolled down my window and we exchanged New Years pleasantries. (We hadn’t seen each other since before.) He’d stopped me to ask for a couple ...

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Usually I'm presenting an aspect of home maintenance, value improvement or 'how too' instructions to feature best practice ways to do things around building and property issues. Some times it's building tech history or how thing came to be as they are, the back story on terms, expressions and phrases. I keep track of the strange, the unique, the special and interesting things I get to see, including the dangers. These are filed as OMGs. OMGs always have photos, so I share the file with you from time to time. The rest come out of thin air. More than once I start writing a comment on someone else's blog and end up inking a whole new blog. Am I inspired or am I ranting? You can decide.