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Three mornings each week, I start my days with a brisk walk with friends through Crestwood, the neighborhood where I live. And the great thing, other than the benefits of a little exercise, has been watching the changes in the gardens as small plants started last spring grew big and lush over the...
They say there are two types of houses in Washington, DC – those with termites and those that will get termites. Recently, I discovered that my house moved from the second to the first category. When I moved in several decades ago, the house was treated for with some nasty stuff, since banned by...
It's been a fun week, well actually only 5 days so far.  In my first foray onto ActiveRain in a while, I've found many old friends and some new, or at least new to me, bloggers.  So here goes!Nick Vandekar: Music for 9.2.20:  It looks like Nick, a new to me blogger, is into music posts.  As a cla...
OPEN HOUSESunday, September 5th, 1 to 4 pmThis pretty place could click every one of your boxes, especially if you are feeling a little cramped these days or are working from home. It’s located on a pretty, tree-lined street in Washington’s popular Dupont Circle neighborhood.  The unit occupies t...
Here in DC, our residents are likely to be quite focused on politics, especially during election years. Many of my clients have worked as reporters, attorneys or lobbyists who are concerned with what Congress, the regulatory agencies and the White House might be doing.  Others work for on the Hil...
On Willie's walk, we meet a lot interesting creatures.  This little guy looks like a Persian cat version of a squirrel - kbushy tail and all.  It was snow white and a little hard to see against the white brick on the house.  Since I took this, I've spotted him a bunch of times, like the people wh...
Their ads are all over your television screen.  You see buyers swooning all over the house of their dreams.  And then there is a voice in the background telling them how important it is to have their mortgage lined up so they can take on the other buyers (some of whom may be all-cash) in the impe...
OK!  I haven't totally given up blogging!About a year and a half ago, I was at a party.  Another guest, someone I'd worked with in a past life and sold a couple of homes to, asked me if I was still selling real estate.  Oops!A little light bulb went off, and I quickly figured out what my next pha...
I just found an email about an ActiveRain webinar scheduled for next Tuesday on my favorite CRM - IxactContact.  My strong recommendation?  Check it out - if you don't already use it.!Last year, I realized that I needed a CRM for grown ups. I'd been using a patchwork combination of MAC applicatio...
It started last night when two offers came in on a listing that was finally ripe for a buyer.  One was not too bad at all.  The other was amazingly perfect.  So I started this Thanksgiving holiday by making a great day for me, my seller, the buyers, and their agent.  And as if things couldn't get...

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Pat Kennedy -- author of The Irreverent Guide to Real Estate -- gives you a look at life on the streets as a real estate broker in our nation's capital. And her blog is peppered with great advice combined with humor!