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Here in Washington, DC, we are seeing a shortage of listings like never before. Still, I know a lot of people who want to or ought to move, and most of them are my demographic - baby boomers living in houses that are way too big and needy to meet their current needs. There is, however, one big st...
Lately, I've gotten hooked on "Tiny House Nation", where two guys travel around the country trying to help people downsize - I mean really downsize!  Like down to a couple of hundred square feet  A huge part of their jobs is helping people to part with a whole lot of the stuff they've collected w...
Some of the people I've worked with have preferred a house to a condo because they don't want to pay a monthly condo fee, in addition to their mortgage, real estate taxes, and hazard insurance.  But wait!  With a house, they will have to pay their mortgage, taxes, and insurance, and then they mus...
A First-Timer's Guide to Buyer's RemorseDuring the first week of real estate school, instructors bring up a serious affliction that grabs virtually everyone who buys or tries to buy a house or condo. It even has a name: Buyer's Remorse.  And almost everyone gets it at some point in any real estat...
These are some of the dairy cows that live down river from Monet's lily pond.  The dairy farmers became very upset after Monet diverted their river to form his pond.  Then, when he put in the water lilies, the cow's milk went off.  The milk, the butter and the cheese all went off.  All these year...
People moving to Washington often start off with a wish list that includes a modest home in one of DC's upper NW neighborhoods, like Chevy Chase, American University Park, Forest Hills, Spring Valley and a bunch of other neighborhoods that are west of Rock Creek Park.  And the typical price range...
As I sat down to write this post, I realized that I hadn't saved the page where I had all of my links for my favorite posts last week.  Oops!  But my memory is still good enough to remember the ones I liked and even loved.  So here goes:Nick Vandekar: A tribute to the dogs and rescue searchers of...
Water Lilies Claude Monet really liked water lilies. When he bought a house about an hour outside of Paris in Giverny, he diverted a stream and created a pond that he filled with these flowers.  The story goes that the neighbors got totally ticked off - they were dairy farmers, and they claimed t...
Before my last trip to Paris, I read Paris, A Novel, part of a series of historical novels by Edward Rutherford.  Rutherford included a fascinating history of the iconic Eiffel Tower.  There were a group of men who had installed the elevator, and they happened to be in the city during World War I...
You don’t have to love the furniture and staging props that your agent might employ to transform your home into Buyer Bait.   In my market, many of my transactions involve downsizing baby boomers selling to move-up millennials, Many of whom are HGTV addicts.  And while a lot of the ideas one gets...

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