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In the midwest paying discount points is not as common as it is elsewhere.  But whether it is bad for the consumer really depends.  First, in a purchase transaction, if I am a buyer, I benefit more by negotiating a 1% fee from the seller to buy my rate down by a quarter or so, than I do with a 1%...
Home Construction comes in several forms-custom home building, home purchase and rehabilitation, home renovation and production builder communities.In many cases the buyer or owner must obtain the financing to purchase the site, as well as the cost of the improvements.  With production builder co...
Two weeks after the rates bottom out, the general media catches on and tells everyone about refinancing.  It happens all the time-waiting for the bottom then watching as rates creep back up.  So what should homeowners do?  Simple-the numbers do not lie.  If you can save enough in your payment to ...
Positive News On Mortgage Lending Since the middle of 2007 most of the news regarding the mortgage industry has been pretty bad.  "Subprime" was a word not widely used by the public until recently-now it is on everyone's lips.  As a result, many changes have come to pass both in regulation, guide...

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