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Are you giving something to your clients after your transaction is complete? I'm wondering how many of you are doing this? There are some of you that are giving cash back on real estate deals to buyers which is illegal and I don't think anyone will admit it but, how many of you have been running ...
The option arm loans are those that get advertised so much on the radio and television with those LOW LOW payments without letting consumers know about the details and they make it seem like it's such a great loan that it even made my own wife today ask me why i don't do this for our home loan be...
     Ok FREE 1hr Massages......a week ago a friend of mine that I haven't spoke too in awhile said that she was taking a massage class and she needed someone to give a massage to for practice...I was having a pretty stressful day a work to say the least and wow what timing and free...I personally...
        At my office these past few months I gotten some pretty interesting questions over the phone and thought i share some of them that just had me laughing after the call....Do u get these kind of questions in your area or they just in my town...>>>this one was from today.....This guy called ...
                                   HOW  I STARTED OBTAINING MORE BUSINESS  First of all i'm a firm believer that you achieve as much as you work at succeeding...If you don't put time into increasing your database then your level of business will always be where your at now...I don't care if you c...
 I have been a football fan since steve Largent days and last year was so surprising but, a disappointment at the end. Will they make it past Chicago? Is this the year we win a Super Bowl? Who's your pick to go to the big game? As a Hawk Fan all i can do is pray and hope those bears go down...sor...
     New in the business? Well I'm fairly a new loan officer at OLYMPIC NORTHWEST MORTGAGE and everyday has been a learning experience and I have been lucky enough to start at a company that has so many wonderful unselfish people who care for their customers and fellow employee's. As we probably ...
If there was ever a time to invest, now would be that time. Investing in Bremerton, Washington Real Estate is a definitely wise choice for the future. With the rate of growth in Kitsap County, the demand for real estate will be growing also. Right now while prices for property are relatively comp...

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