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     I actually relish the calls, you know, Mr Orlando, we noticed your website is on page 5 in a google search, we can get you to page 1 for a monthly fee and it is guaranteed! Page 5!!!??? That cannot be right? Nobody will find me with that kind of placement! Well it is true, and we can help y...
      Doesn't the term bailout signify a sinking ship in which you cannot bail water as fast as the ship is sinking? Just thought I would throw that out. With the auto companies having a terrible time, I apologize for taking this swipe at them. Heck, they do it to us real estate folks so, I guess...
      This is a bit of a tacky subject, but, compensation is inherent to our business. We should be glad we are not paid on net profit like some other occupations (ouch). I am not saying I never look at the commission rate, but I do NOT choose homes strictly by the commission. I say that to tell ...
        First off, no, I am not a professional site builder. I AM a success full real estate broker due to the 50 websites I have built. Too often we lose sight of the general public perception as they click on your website. You have only seconds to hold perspective lookers and turn them into a c...
    This has always been a big question for your Internet clientele, do you require registration, or, allow folks to look without requiring any info. Our first websites were freebies, back then we were using Google Adwords (do not need THAT anymore), after laying out some bucks for a few months ...
     As we have incorporated 2 separate companies and we broker in 3 states, we receive a TON of mail. Lately though, the credit card companies have given our shredder a break. A year ago,  if I let the mail pile up, I would sit at the shredder and feed it till it could not take anymore! And the...
       I know this subject has been talked about ad nauseous, where should the money go blah, blah, blah. How about a novel approach. If your company shows a loss for 2 years in a row, you get nothing, nada, zip. If your company is huge with huge loses you get nothing, nada, zip. However if you a...
    According to scientists, multitasking actually does not exist, instead our brain just moves from one task to another with incredible speed. Every time I see a Mom with 5 kids running all over a store I wonder if that is true! How the heck else can she shop, keep up with the kids, and talk on...
       I swear this is true! A friend of ours from another occupation of mine years ago called me. My wife is getting her real estate license, can she work with your company? I remembered meeting her, she was very personable so we met and agreed we would hold her license once she finished the cou...
      A majority of our clients are relo's from out of state. So it is an education process from day one, lots of questions concerning schools, economy, traffic, communities etc. We try to see homes in as many neighborhoods as possible. The first day is usually to get a feel for what the client i...

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