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       St Marlo Homes For Sale Duluth GA Forsyth County. 68 properties currently available which is a good sign the community is making headway. 2 years ago there were approximately 125 homes on the market. 47 sales in the last 12 months with the average price reduction of 9.3%.    Please contact...
     Most of us know that small business gets little attention from the Government, but, did you know it is the most trusted group? Google this blog title and you'll find the article. At the bottom of the list? I probably don't need to tell you, banks & financial institutions.      Kind of a dou...
     The last year sales summary for The Manor Country Club Homes For Sale. Note average days on the market is 321. Average sales price is $323,000 less than Original List Price. If you would like to view property in The Manor, feel free to contact us anytime!  Frank & Jodi Orlando Get Us A Home...
     Jodi is usually the one to put up the Christmas decorations, typically I get the tree, put it up and Voila! I'm done! She is in Italy with her sister, they are visiting her sisters son who is a professional soccer player in Croatia.      Recent Email, please decorate while I am gone, grabbe...
       I don't need the media or any other entity to tell me times are better. I can just open my Quick Books account and see it for myself. 5 checks in the last 7 days, whew, things were getting kind of skinny there. The market seems to be very streaky, and you no longer can look at the calender...
     I have my own way of SEO. Nobody taught me and no"experts" were used. Yet, I have been very successful with our web sites. A good domain name, in my opinion, can help with internet success. Many will argue the name does not matter for SEO purposes, if that is so, why does Google highlight i...
     We have 2 kids, 18 & 14.  One of the rules in our family is, you have to engage in at least one extra curricular activity in every year of school. Our kids picked music (yeah, I play 4 instruments and may have pushed a bit). So, Allie plays sax and clarinet, Andy plays piano, guitar, drums ...
       So many experts, so many opinions, so many websites. How do you make heads or tails out of it all? Easy, ignore the experts. As a blog I read recently stated, there ARE no experts (unless one of you are a Google secret agent!).      So you upload your site, copy the adress and use one of t...
       What makes an on site agent aggressive without stepping on the toes of you the selling agent? That my friends is a very fine line, and one I encountered 2 days ago. The subdivision is priced in the mid to high 200's and is predominately a first time buyer community.      Initially the feel...
     We all know the big names, and many of us started (or are still with) one of them. It just seemed to me, most folks do not care. So we started Get Us A Home Realty, after all, that is what we do and it's easy to remember, what future value is there in Frank Orlando Realty? Ugh. That said, a...

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