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Here are just a few of our recent success stories and Allen has went from 650s to 780-790s in the past 30 days.      This client we showed you before, now after some cleanup and adding 1 tradeline and 2 other lines of credit  here is where he is at today (via credit check total):   Here is a rece...
3 Things that will help you boost your credit score 1) Add Credit Using one of our tradelines or credit cards  This will significantly boost your score up to 40% because credit offsets debt and shows your credit worth.  No credit, Bad Credit any type o...
    Do you have an exit strategy? Knowing how to exit an investment is just as important as knowing how to get into one. #investing #afg #financialeducation #boostyourcreditscore #credit-makeover  http://credit-makeover,com
Although Stephen has not completed step 2 yet or step 1, he is on his way to success, we hope his scores don't drop until he add tradelines here is his review and success.  
It's obvious the Fair Isaac does not want people to know how the credit score is. We are now at FICO 9 Score system and the break down on their website is still 10 years old.  But, we can learn from the old system and then take into consideration the new factors. Maintaining a peak credit score i...
    FICO  (Fair Issacs) (who is not "fair") the nations monopolized credit scoring company is changing the rules to reduce the negative effect of overdue medical bills and to quit penalizing consumers who pay off debts that had been assigned to collection agencies.   "Experts cautioned, however, ...
  We help people from all walks of life improve their credit and give them access to new lines of credits and tradelines. As know the industry is taking credit away people, credit card companies are closing accounts, and this effects the consumers credit. We can help them open more tradelines - n...
     Alleviate the stigma of bad credit!   A Financial Expert that can help. We know the what it is like to be declined. We can help you improve your credit and refer you to companies that can get you financed!   Click to view more   Looking for a credit repair service who will really help their ...
    Click to view more Looking for financing but you can't get approved? Your scores are too low or you have derogatory items that are keeping you from getting approved? You wonder what the answer is? You've thought about trying to fix the situtation yourself or call a debt consolidation company ...
    Get a return on your Tax Return! Save hundreds of thousands of dollars over the next few years. Here's How during these tough times. Nothing is more valuable to you than having the best credit available - and doing it supporting a local business.     Credit Restoration Connecting you to the r...

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