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We are changing..  and with change comes new things.  We apologize we shut down all of our websites, as they were no longer prevelant.  Our base of customers comes from our partners.  We only extend services to consumers. That said, we are implimenting in the next month a new consumer website whe...
We are wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season and while the season is upon us, it is a slower time for our company. We are changing all of our hosting and our networks to a new world wide web domain. In the meantime all of our company emails are down, but we have our gmail account  click here  to...
It used to be a statement credit professionals would avoid. But now with new scoring factors, prepaid credit can help your score significantly. FICO actually takes in consideration that people are trying to start with credit and when they see you get a pre-paid option, especially a powerful pre-p...
 Today's question is what kind of pizza would you like to celebrate with you new line of credit?Our new platinum credit line is waiting for you and you are already approved!   Today we are offering a platinum credit line that will help increase your credit.  This is the safest way to go these day...
 We have changed to
Credit Score boosting, tradelines, getting lending.  Everyone wants in on something that is legitimate and really helps people with their scores serious people.Sometimes we want to help more.  Our websites have over 40,000 visitors per hour.  It is really overwhelming for our technitions to keep ...
The proof is in the pudding.. A client with scores in 500's now in high 600's in 15 days, but with these she can get financed and in another 30 days these should be in the 700's And another Increase So it's pretty simple, by adding some good credit from the start, sometimes it is all you need to ...
The new year has started, new things are happening, the government  is going through a change. It's time to take a look at your credit and your financial portfolio.   America is facing some huge challenges, Obama did not help with some of the things he did, with the credit card reduction act, and...
 This year we saw the lies come out in the political campaign, and we really saw for what worth our Media is that covers so many lies to make profit.  When you compare the information about your credit on the internet or even in person, your going to encounter many lies and much uneducated mis-in...
This year the Presidential campain has distracted people more than any other year from the most important thing - improving credit scores.Here are three ways you can improve your credit score in the next 15-30 days, sometimes 45-90 days depending on each persons credit report.1. Pay Early Paying ...

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