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Rants and Raves about the Central Florida Real Estate Market. What areas are hot, what's not. Buyer and Seller support, and links to business partners.
O.k. New York agents your team just handed the biggest upset in NFL history and sent the Patriots home cryin. So sound off and let your voices be heard! Clam Chowders your perfect season is over so sulk in the misery, this Dolphin Fan celebrates with the Giants!     
So its Friday night and I needed a dose of some good ol' laugh medicine to gear me up for the weekend. So my daughter suggested this one (Thanks Bre!) So here is to everyone who wished they could dance, I'd love just 10% of this guy's dancing ability. Enjoy The Evolution of Dance! Alright Stop......
O.k. Orlando Agents this is your time to blow your own hoot on why your office is the best. Share with the rest of us what your broker/office is providing to you that you feel separates you from the rest of the pack?  Is it the commission split? Marketing materials? Support? Leadership?  Its your...
O.k. so I am on my Back To The Future Kick....but after a day like today I needed a good laugh and this was it. I am sure most of you have seen this and if you have its worth a second look. Enjoy the laugh. Have a Happy Friday AR Community!
Well well well, if I had only read some of the posts here before jumping in at the JustListed.com offers. I feel like a fool, like a school boy taken by a bully and I sit here wondering if there is anything I can do about it.   Yes folks I have been taken by House Values and their sister company ...
Lately I've been looking for more and more resources on the internet in order to market my listings. Here are a few of my favorites, what are you ActiveRainer's using?    * ePropertysites.com    * vflyer.com    * Postlets.comYou can check out my vflyer widget here: Click Here Other than that I am...
 From Yahoo... By MADLEN READ and JOE BEL BRUNO, AP Business Writers Wed Jan 16, 4:37 PM ET   NEW YORK - The bill for America's excessive borrowing during the housing boom has arrived, and more people are having trouble paying it. chorus warning that the subprime mortgage mess is just the start o...
Happy New Year everybody! I am always looking at new ways that agents are getting their points across and see how they are marketing and branding themselves. Well I was searching through YouTube this morning and came across a post by Daniel Rothamel who is an agent out of Virginia. I really got a...
Recently here in Orlando there has been a number of infomercials for USHOMEAUCTION.com their claim to fame is that they will help you buy a foreclosed home at reduced prices.  Skeptical of this infomercial I started to do some preliminary digging on this company and here is what I have found out ...
Let's hope that this deal applies for those that have an ARM that will balloon during the times frame secified below. Alot of Americans need help to stay in their home and this is one step the goverment is taking in order to help families keep their home and not experience a rate hike and eventua...

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