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Rants and Raves about the Central Florida Real Estate Market. What areas are hot, what's not. Buyer and Seller support, and links to business partners.
Ever wanted to get in front of Reo Asset Managers? Well now its your opportunity to do so by joining the REO Agent Directory.  Go on over to http://www.thereoagentdirectory.com and join for free today during the testing phase, on July 1 there will be a $25 registration fee. This registration fee ...
O.K. so you're going to the 5 Star Conference, well so am I! As well as the next 40 agents who read this post. If you're going let me hear a who ha! I am definately looking forward to meeting some of you during the conference, my question is "What are you handing out?"....Yes you heard me right.....
I currently have a bank owned property here in Orlando that caught the eye of an agent who quickly got interested in buying it. My problem, this licensed agent of 2 years that submitted the offer had absolutely no experience.  None...has not closed a deal, worked on one, even listed a property. ...
Home411.com offers a call capturing system designed for real estate agents, F.S.B.O.'s and home investors who have a need to easily provide prospects with information 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The call capture system is the best source to find potential clients BEFORE they find another agent....
I don't know about you but I tend to spend quite a number of dollars calling 411 information services from my cell phone. Although I have a Blackberry I tend to need 411 when I am driving. As talented as I am to drive and look up a number on the web I think my chances of an accident are getting s...
Just wanted to check with my fellow AR'ers and see if any of you have had experience with the ForeclosureU.com and products that are being offered through their website. I've seen their ad here on AR on every page I've visited, and although I am looking to expand my REO business I am not sure if ...
Since late January I picked up an REO listing in a premiere Windermere Florida neighborhood. I went through the task list of getting the property ready to be listed and re-keyed.  Spoke with the Asset Manager and listed the property in the MLS and within 2 days I had already agents showing the pr...
O.k. ActiveRainers I challenge you to listen to the story of Allison Wright below. I know we have our days, when nothing seems to go right. When we are farther from a sale, a client, or a listing than we have ever been. When we wake up in the morning and just don't feel like getting out of bed, o...
I've started using RealBird.com web widget to post with my listing on different websites and I gotta tell you that I've gotten some pretty good feedback. One of the best features of RealBird.com is their map birds eye view of the actual property listed. Not only does RealBird.com provide listing ...
Well as the market continues to shift on a downward spiral more and more agents are looking for ways to supplement their income.  For some it is programs like UFirst, or doing Broker Price Opinions. For others well I've seen things like Mary Kay, Avon, and Premier Jewelry and the like.   I for on...

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