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There are many facets to the lending community, ask for a topic and I will be there!
Where to start.................... Is using a professional service to secure a mortgage modification worth it? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Heres a yes: You are uncomfortable with the process, worry about representing yourself to the lender or have a hard time dealing with it. For many of us we w...
Real Estate professionals that have been getting calls from past clients have started to ask more questions about mortgage modification and the benefits/realities of such programs. The borrower inquiring about such programs typically falls into two categories: The first is the borrower that has b...
As I was in the middle of work on some marketing materials this morning, I took a moment to look back over 2008 and ponder what I have done this past year to better my community. I have been involved in a number of projects in Lane County, primarily with my wife as volunteers and donors. What I h...
We have heard much talk lately of a possible 4.5% interest rate coming our way. I have had Realtors ask me about it and I have had several clients that have heard of the possibility. I think 4.5% would be great, but it is only a possibility. The recent announcement by the FED that they are going ...
Snow days usually end up lazy days. They can however be the most productive day you've had in months! With mortgage rates under 5%, we are seeing more buyers and most of us are ready to capitalize on this blessing. The challenge of course is, when we are busy is the time to be planning ahead. 1. ...
As a mortgage broker, I am pleased with the service I provide agents. I don't bring donuts and rate sheets to offices unannounced. Actually i don't bring them at all. In the past, it was common for an agent to ask a mortgage broker "whats in it for me?" Guess what? It still is, and rightfully so!...

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