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  Consumers, myself included - need to be more wary than ever of the unscrupulous methods that Credit Card companies are using to separate more of your hard earned money from you.   It's important to read the fine print on your credit card agreement   The Universal Default Clause means that even ...
  Because you should have every avenue available to you when you need assistance. I would be remiss in not sharing some Free Resources that may be able to assist in your time of need.   Neighborhood Assistance Corp of America naca.com 1 888 302-6222     ACORN acorn.org 1- 866 672-2676     Homeown...
  Yesterday, I heard what may be one of the worst stories of incompetence, actually beyond incompetence and out right criminal, if the story is accurate. This distraught person called seeking help because they had been in chapter 13 bankruptcy making payments to what they thought was the trustee ...
    On my last post I mentioned the sheer numbers of people that many times wind up facing foreclosure due to long wait for disability or workers comp benefits after an injury or illiness. Here are some ideas for people who may be struggling to pay the bills and mortgage to to a reduction or loss...
  I normally try to keep my Foreclosure Prevention 101 postings limited to actionable things and information specific to foreclosure.   I believe the Maxed Out Trailer Documentary and Nightline broadcast and commentary by the documentary producer is too important not to share with anyone that has...
 The Disability Nightmare: The phone rings... after I introduce myself, the caller, lets call her Mary in this case, asks me a few questions about how I help people in her situation. I ask Mary a few questions to get some idea of what her actual situation really is- and whether she yet to receive...
    It could happen to anyone! You know things are bad when even, should I say, the "formerly rich" and famous are having their homes foreclosed on.  http://www.luxist.com/photos/celebrity-foreclosures/     Darren Britt http://www.loan-mitigation-services.com        
When your home is on the line one of the worst possible things that you can do is doing nothing! Listen I confess, I am guilty of a little procrastination too from time to time but... If we are talking about the possibility of losing my home- believe you me I would move with Olympic Speed. I've c...
    Why the State in which you purchased your home can make a world of difference in how fast it can be foreclosed and sold from under you.   In the US there are basically 2 methods of foreclosing on a property. 1- Power of Sale 2- Judicial   Many of the 50 States fall under Power of Sale. Under ...
  Don't be mislead by the lenders customer service representative. I can't tell you how many times someone has come to me for help in stopping their foreclosure that could have been avoided altogether had the borrower not been given bad or mis-leading information. Here's a common scenario: A borr...

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