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              The IRS’ COVID lull in enforcement formally ended June 15th with the issuance of 5 million Notices of Intent to Collect.  Nearly 1 in 6 American taxpayers has past due income taxes, so it is likely that someone you know will be tagged by the IRS' stepped up enforcement. The IRS spen...
Buying in short sale may offer the best opportunities in a decade because of the COVID-19 lockdowns.  The moratoriums on evictions and closures of small businesses have created a backlog of distressed property concealed by moratoriums on foreclosures.  As these moratoriums end with the easing of ...
This is part 2 of my series of blog articles on what to do if you have not filed tax returns for several [or many] years.  You can read the first article in this series here.    The first thing you need to do is consult with an attorney.  There are several steps involved in ‘coming correct’ after...
So, you have not filed tax returns in several, or even many years.  Why bother now?    The simple answer is that you are more likely than ever to get caught.  The IRS has begun using sophisticated algorithms to detect and locate non-filers.  Even if you work in an all cash business, periodically ...
              IRS collection letters arrive in envelopes conspicuously labeled with the IRS logo, as though to inform your mail carrier and neighbors that you have received an IRS collection letter.  Some of these letters contain ominous pronouncements such as: “NOTICE OF INTENT TO LEVY”. Pre-COV...


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