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Garage Door Guillotine. Near Death Experience On a home inspection today we found a garage door with both pulley guide wires broken. This is not a common find on home inspections. One cable sometimes but two? I was told by the neighbor that the door closed with such force it would have taken your...
The things Home Inspectors Find. Pictures of Foundation Mishaps  By Russel As a former Realtor, a property investor/flipper, and now a home inspector, I've seen the best and worst of renovation and remodeling. My own definition of the two is that remodeling is small scale and involves only select...
Some Plumbing Repairs cant wait. It's important that you know when to make plumbing repairs before they cause major damage to house and home. When your home inspector is done inspecting your new home he or she should inform you of things that need immediate attention. They should also be able to ...
  I took this picture today at a home inspection in Los Angeles. You have got to protect your investment people. Below is a picture of a AC condensing unit. The unit has been chained down to the concrete pad.  More secure than an ATM at 7-11  
This is a picture from a home inspection we did Wednesday. A bathroom ventilator was use over the to of the cook-top. As you can see from the pictures the grill is covered with grease. The bath vent is not designed for use over a cook-top. It dose not have a means of filtering the grease nor does...
Home inspection Nightmares. Here we have a common household garbage disposal. Take a look at these pictures. As a home inspector in Southern California we have seen it all. There are a lot of was to install a garbage disposal correctly. It always surprises me just how creative people can be when ...
Los Angeles Home Inspector warns. Water damage is more about what you can't see. Take a look at these pictures. Here is a picture of a common tub one would find at any home inspection. There were signs that a shower door had been removed at some point. What is hard to see is that the tub was not ...
The best thing about solar power is that it has an unlimited potential. Learn how to build "RSP" roof solar panels, easily and save $1000’s on utility bills forever. You just need to know how to make your own renewable energy source and today I am going to tell you exactly how to build your own s...
How To Enhance Your Quality Of Life. Today’s world is full of tensions and stress and there is a constant urge to enhance one’s looks and personality all the time. So what would you do? Go and get yourself enrolled in a spa or some spiritual/soul uplifting workshops? Those could be good ideas, b...
Working From Home. Making The Promise And How To Keep It. Financial freedom, freedom to work whenever you want, be your own boss; these are but a few of the promises that you always hear when it comes to working from home. Can they really be achieved? Yes of course. Follow these guidelines to ac...

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