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More often than not, people are turning to the Internet to check for honest reviews. As a matter of fact a whole new industry has sprung up from this. Many of you may be familiar with last year Google tried to purchase for half billion dollars. Read more: Yelp stayed firm and s...
Recently we started to branch out into some different forms of advertising. We are now advertising our company at local country clubs and golf courses. By sponsoring a golf course you are putting your company in front of hundreds of individuals who are high income earners, investors and potential...
Here's fantastic information provided by the I have seen some of my clients get fantastic discounts and upgrade based on the findings of a professional home inspector. Recently a young couple was able to get a credit for a hot water tank replacement. And the bank also had a basic ...
A lot of you know me as a very active blogger. I have three active blogs right now that I update regularly. I really enjoy active rain and the interaction with all of the realtors that I have worked for and the realtors I have yet to work for. The comments and the comment threads are something th...
Probably one of the fastest ways to piss off a buyer, a home inspector and a Realtor. Have everyone take the day off of work. Get everyone to drive about 45 miles Tell everyone the utilities are on And the listing agent not show up for the inspection to to see this!
The past four years has created an army of price shoppers. Everyone is looking for the best deal for a local home inspection and sometimes overlook quality. It's true home inspectors are becoming a dime a dozen in Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties this has driven the cost of a home inspecti...
Every Year we like to make some small changes to our company logo. This keeps it looking current this year we made about 5 changes to the colors borders and gradient. As part of our 2011 updates we will also have new uniforms for our inspectors. While the Black shirt and khakis will remain as the...
3rd Annual Los Angeles Baby & Kidz Expo Pasadena, California When: January 22nd Saturday from 10am - 8pm    The 3rd Annual Baby & Kidz Expo is the largest Parent, Baby, Toddler & Child Expo in Los Angeles. Baby & Kidz Expo takes place: Jan 22, 2011, Saturday from 10am - 8pm at the Pasadena Conven...
  Ten years ago we welcomed in the new millennium. One Decade later we all have gained and lost. But for those of us still in the Real Estate game I congratulate you. You have proven to be strong, resilient and are far more knowable form all that has happened. We have shared our ups and down and ...
New Year's resolutions. Nearly everyone has one. We all start off with the best of intentions. Some will fall short while others reach their goals. Most New Year's resolutions are for health and fitness, careers and savings. But why not make a resolution for home ownership in 2011. Interest rates...

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