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Prospective renters moving into our area of Central Virginia do not understand when I mention the "rental cycle" to them when they ask about lease terms. People moving from larger areas with loads of rental options are often used to the concept of month to month which allows them AND THEIR LANDLO...
  Buying rental properties can be a great way to build your wealth. However, as in most real estate investments, it is sometimes difficult to know if you've found a good deal - especially the first time, and if you aren't working with a good property management company. Here are some things to lo...
  With some modifications, this is a GREAT RENTAL property listing presentation check-list!!   You are one of a few agents that are being interviewed to sell that wonderful home and you're thinking that it's just not worth it. You let out a ‘harumph' after getting off the phone (and hearing that ...
  I too LOVE g-mail.  I started using it when you had to get an INVITATION which was cool; however, the additional features they have added have made it a more useful tool. Even if you have a primary e-mail, get an e-mail account even if to just upload documents, contracts, etc.   On the first da...
  In our area, we are coming into the new rental listing season so I'll be taking more interior photos of my rental listings....this is a GREAT post on taking photos!   I love doing real estate photography - especially when the agent and/or sellers have taken the time to make sure the home is loo...
Sources report that Tiger Woods has checked into an upscale rehab facility for sex addicition in Hattiesburg, MS. Pine Grove Behavioral Health & Addiction Services is one of the TOP 3 such facilities in the US.  
I had a meeting with current property clients yesterday.  They are moving to the Left Coast this summer and while they have their current home on the market for sale, they wanted to know their options in case it does not sell - so we met to go over their rental options and the timeline with regar...
  This is a VERY COMMON problems in rental properties and I have a section of my Resident Handbook devoted to advising residents how to deal with tripped breakers and GFIs   Double tapped circuit breakers are one of the most common electrical defects that I find while doing home inspections in Mi...
  This is a great argument when landlords or property managers need to justify their lease requirement for the tenants to obtain this insurance because the property owner can not cover their personal items in the rented unit   Renter's Insurance Myths If you're wondering what's the big deal about...
  I am re-blogging this because it is an IMPORTANT issue and I think Will has covered the what-ifs fairly well!!!  Thanks Will   Alexandria VA is a city that has made a commitment to "affordable housing".  One of the policy tools to achieve fair and affordable housing has been "Section 8 rent vou...

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