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Hard money loans are an alternative form of financing. We explore the real estate world and options that hard money lenders can bring to the table.
We work with many unique situations when dealing with hard money loans in California.  One unique situation involves seller carry financing in conjunction with a hard money loan.  While many conventional lenders will not work with this situation, we have funding available to help take advantage o...
I specialize in private money loans.  One niche that many people are not aware of is hard money seconds.  In this blog post I want to discuss hard money seconds for business purpose loans.Many businesses are struggling right now.  While there is help available, it is not always going to be enough...
The COVID-19 crisis has been an ongoing issue, impacting industries across the board.  The finance industry has not been exempt.  While rates for 30 year fixed loans that fit with Fannie/Freddie are at historic lows, finding funding for out of the box transactions can be difficult.  Right now our...
With the pandemic causing unprecedented uncertainty in the markets, investors still need financing for their projects.  For many investors, funding is still readily available, although maybe not at the same terms it was six months ago.  For hard money luxury home financing in California, however,...
With all the negatives to come out of the current pandemic situation, one positive is the historic low California 30 year fixed rate home loans available on the market.  For borrowers planning to stay in their homes for at least a few years, being able to secure rates at these levels makes a lot ...
Hopefully as you read this you are staying safe and healthy.  The Covid pandemic has turned many aspects of our lives upside down.  Real estate financing has not been immune to the crisis, and today's alternative loan options look much different than they did only a few months ago.  Much has chan...
Hopefully everyone is staying safe and healthy these days.  It's been crazy these past few weeks.  In the lending world, that craziness racheted up a notch when I started getting calls that non-QM loans are being suspended or canceled.  Between Friday and today that has been a common theme.  It r...
Hard money lenders fill a gap in the financing sector where the larger, more institutional money does not fund.  While that is true for hard money in general, there are many different shades of hard money sources to consider.  Depending on the project, sometimes it is important to utilize local h...
As we come to the end of the year, I wanted to highlight a very niche product in the hard money loans world.  Hard money lenders have to document income for owner occupied loans, ensuring that the borrowers have the ability to make payments.  For consumer purpose lending, this is required.  For s...
I work with many different types of real estate investors.  From developers to rehabbers to long term buy and hold investors.  Today I want to look at a very attractive long term hard money loan option that rivals bank terms.  These long term fixed hard money loans for investment properties are a...

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Hard money loans are an alternative form of financing. We explore the real estate world and options that hard money lenders can bring to the table. Chris Goulart, DRE Lic. # 01458390 NMLS Lic. # 298819 DWJ CA Broker Lic. # 01180522