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Hard money loans are an alternative form of financing. We explore the real estate world and options that hard money lenders can bring to the table.
30 year fixed hard money loans for commercial properties can provide a number of benefits for investors and business owners. These loans, which are typically provided by private lenders and secured by real estate, can offer a more flexible and cost-effective alternative to traditional bank loans....
A private hard money second loan can be a valuable source of funding for businesses and investors in today's high interest rate environment. This type of loan is typically secured by real estate and is provided by private lenders, rather than traditional banks or financial institutions.  For inve...
As interest rates continue to rise from historic lows, financing is becoming more and more expensive.  Many commercial property owners are looking for long term security in their loans and rates.  Some of the 30 year fixed hard money commercial loans on the market today can make a lot of sense - ...
Are you a real estate investor - or looking to start investing in real estate?  If so, financing is likely at the top of your list.  California hard money loans for investment property is one direction many investors choose to go when looking to finance their real estate endeavor.  There are many...
I've specialized in California hard money loans for many years.  While it is true that many hard money loans are for clients with credit issues, income documentation issues and other problems, there is also a place for these products for A-paper borrowers.  One such niche area is California hard ...
Commercial loans can be tricky to navigate.  While residential loans follow the traditional guidelines that many are familiar with - debt to income ratio, credit scores, loan to value ratio - commercial loans have a lot more moving parts.  Our 30 year fixed hard money commercial loans may be a go...
Are you a real estate investor?  Have you thought about taking advantage of fix and flip loans in California?  With the strong housing market, more and more people are looking to get into this lucrative business.  The downside in California for many getting started is the high price tag that a pr...
 For many investing in real estate, the qualification requirements of traditional banks can be cumbersome.  Income documentation for self employed real estate investors can be a challenge.  Credit requirements can be difficult to overcome.  The speed of the transaction can be a hindrance.  The cu...
We work with many unique situations when dealing with hard money loans in California.  One unique situation involves seller carry financing in conjunction with a hard money loan.  While many conventional lenders will not work with this situation, we have funding available to help take advantage o...
I specialize in private money loans.  One niche that many people are not aware of is hard money seconds.  In this blog post I want to discuss hard money seconds for business purpose loans.Many businesses are struggling right now.  While there is help available, it is not always going to be enough...

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Hard money loans are an alternative form of financing. We explore the real estate world and options that hard money lenders can bring to the table. Chris Goulart, DRE Lic. # 01458390 NMLS Lic. # 298819 DWJ CA Broker Lic. # 01180522