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I took my buyer clients to view a thirty acre property with remodeled house.    I knew the property as I had been the buyers agent for the seller a little over a year ago.   No loyalty there but not surprised as when he purchased the property he contacted me (from Florida) on a listing I had and ...
Yesterday I attended Church as usual.   Small Methodist Church in our community of 1,100 souls.    There are five churches in our town and the percentage of people who do attend church is not high so you can imagine what our membership would be.   We have around 40 active attendees.     Visitors ...
I have a wonderful single buyer client whom I've worked with for over a year.   She is a middle aged single mom and her biggest desire was for a home of her own.  She has rented for years and has had to put up with rude landlords, drug dealing neighboring rentors, filth and fear.   She had been w...
Came into work and was asked by broker and fellow realtor to go with them to view a home for a possible listing.    We took off in the car with me not knowing which direction we would be traveling.   Several miles east of town we found the home and did the walk through.   Time to head back to tow...
I am a fairly new agent with just under two years under by belt.   I just had another new agent call me to tell me about a listing that was just two houses away from his personal residence.    It is a very nice house in the price range of one of my clients.   As we were talking he told me about h...
The Third weekend in September is always the Annual Santa Fe Trail Days celebration in New Franklin, MO.   This year was the 30+ Annual event.   No one knows for sure any more just what year it actually is.    The event is held on Friday Night and all day Saturday.   The Friday night event this y...
Oh where, oh where can he be!    He's holding an offer with a kickout date of yesterday (9/9/08) at 5:00 pm and not a word.   Wouldn't be so bad but this is twice that he's missed the date.   I submitted the first offer and he finally called two days after the due date.   Since the counter (verba...
I've been putting off starting this blog long enough.   It surely is not as hard as it seems.   I will begin by telling you about me.   I am 59 and just got my Real Estate license in February of 2007.    I also work full time at a major University and have for over 30 years.   Bored with my life ...

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