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A few years ago, there ran a TV commercial by Staples, in an effort to gain attention as a purveyor of school supplies. Shown, was a happy and carefree mom and dad, swinging through the store and filling their cart with pencils, notebooks, backpacks and other necessities of school life. All set t...
2008 has brought the traditional brokerage models to their knees. I'm not just speaking of the long timers like C21, Coldwell Banker and Prudential. Included in the group are those pseudo-modern "agent friendly" systems like Remax, Realty Executives and Keller Williams. WIth rare exceptions, eac...
This season of meal planning and food gorging has not only created a perma-hunger in my belly, but also brings light to our work patterns. Let me explain. Recently I published a blog on the art of prospecting, or lack thereof. “Blah, blah, blah,” but often times it is so easy to get distracted by...
  There are so many articles, blogs, books and seminars, all of which promise the secret to create wealth in your real estate business. Some of them sound too good to be true.  Take, for instance the marketing program of a well-known Canadian real estate agent. It is quite true that this man is a...
House cleaners, receptionists, waitresses and even car washers. Nothing wrong with making your living that way, but those are all positions held by formerly successful real estate agents I know. These are tough times to eke out a living and though people like me will always say to cowboy up and g...
What's with all of these copy and paste listings in the Active Rain blogs? While I understand the thought process behind working towards a higher ranking on Google and all that good stuff, this practice seems to clog up the actual live writings that are so unique. I love to hear the various tips,...
Several days ago, an agent walked in to my office with a complaint, which was two-sided. It seems that a local broker, who lists a number of REO properties had posted a listing on the prior night. It was well priced and also in a great location--certain to attract multiple offers.  "Great!" thoug...
Do you Mind Map? Ever heard of it? Recently I had a long conversation with Debra Harris, who is a good friend, and also happens to be the Professional Development Manager for Royal LePage Canada, which I believe to be the largest real estate company in that country (or state, as I might say, in a...
HOME PRICES WILL CONTINUE TO PLUNGE THROUGH LATE 2009 WARREN BUFFET'S "BUY NOW" CALL GETS LUKEWARM RECEPTION. SARAH PALIN WILL APPEAR ON SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE So much news, so little time to absorb. All this big stuff happening and all I can do in the little town of Paradise, California is sip my m...
Back in the day, all of the MLS listings were updated in print. Several times per week, all of the new sheets would come out and the more organized agents would replace the old listing sheets with new listings and updated items, solds would be pulled, etc. Obviously the internet has changed all t...

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