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Every picture tells a story. Yes, Austin real estate held its own in 2018, keeping pace with 2017 in closed transactions and beating the pants off the dollars. That was due to increases in the median sales price. The inventory of homes for sale is climbing a bit, so buyers are projected to have m...
I will however, switch up a notch or two on closing day champagne... :)
Last month sales for city of Austin were slightly down month to month, but sold quicker. Inventory is starting to drop a little–seems demand has been increasing. Bottom line is--Austin, Texas is a great place to buy and sell real estate right now.
The data confirms what we already know--Austin remains a strong and steady real estate market. While the year over year growth has slowed somewhat--it has still grown. According to most economists in the field--it's all about jobs. And we have plenty of them!
At the mention of any regulation in place, there seems to be a chorus of boos and moans amongst the good citizens of Austin. “We need less oversight,” or “too many rules,” echo through the halls.So, let’s look at the Energy Conservation Audit and Disclosure (ECAD) ordinance. What is it? Does it a...
Hint to my non realtor friends–If you see a link that says, “Click Here to Instantly Find Out What Your Home’s  Worth,” here is the extended translation…   “Leveraging curiosity to get you to my landing page, capture your email and phone number in attempt to gain permission to call, email and the...
Are you working or decide to take the day off?Or  pondering?Does it feel like you’re missing out if you don’t qualify the day with real estate  activity? Most especially if the guilt of yesterday’s BBQ lingers….?Why do we feel like we always have to be pushing? Or we may be missing out? Fear of e...
The Austin real estate market is hitting stride. The second quarter has started with a bang. Meantime the report cards are in for the first three months. More neighborhoods to follow. For more detailed info, visit www.austinhotsheet.com 
If yesterday was Black Friday, then today must be Grey Saturday. Leftover turkey is going to soup and maybe you wonder why the hell you bought that 60% off Dell tablet and four pair of plaid cargo shorts on the two-fer sale. If you are in Austin, Texas right now, you peer out to a gorgeous day, w...
I recently had a visit from a woman at an open house. She spent quite a while telling me how God led her to that home and it was meant to be hers, because God spoke to her and made her follow the signs. I told her that unless God could handle Docu-Sign, she best have her realtor write a contract....

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