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Whenever my clients are about to place a home on the market, I tell them that "the first impression is the only impression most buyers will have". You wouldn't show up to a first date smelling like paint or covered in construction dust would you? Of course not. So, don't subject your home to the ...
Well, anyone who has been in the real estate business for at least the past five years have seen things turn a complete about-face. When I was first learning to survive in the harsh jungles of the real estate community, I was trained and drilled on three basic industry rules to keep my career fro...
Recently, I have been pouring through market data for my area. And, I have noticed a few pleasant trends in the market. First, the number of listings that are expiring without a sale is down significantly along with the number of listings in general. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, listin...
It seems like every day that Real Estate industry data will be released on a nation-wide basis. Sometimes, it is NAR reporting existing home sales for the month. Other times, it is CNBC report anouncing "new home starts" for the fiscal quarter. And yet other times, it some "market report" from on...
It is very rare that a two-letter word like "OR" is so powerful.  On a recent trip to Miami, driving down the street, I came across sign after sign reading, "FOR SALE OR LEASE"    As a broker, who represents clients closely, and often times gets to know them well or even become friends, I couldn'...

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