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To all my associates and subscibers, HAPPY EASTER AND HAPPY PASSOVER!!!!
New Orleans is known for many amazing events this time of year.  Most of these events all share three common elements that make New Orleans and Southeast Louisiana lifestyle a truly unique culture.  These three paramount elements are not only key features of the festival culture here but, also de...
Hey Blogsters,   I don't often use exact examples from my professional life to make my point through my blog (I don't want to compromise my clients' confidentiality) but, I feel that this topic/experience is important enough to illustrate my frustrations.    A few months ago, I was driving throug...
Wishing all AR members, subscribers, and everyone else the happiest of times during this holiday season.
As summer turned to fall (hard to tell here in NOLA), I once again decided to refocus some of my energies into boosting my online presence and putting more work into my blogs.  I am continually posting.  And, I also enjoy commenting on featured blogs on AR, there are some truly insightful blogger...
Please allow me to vent.   Today I have been setting up showings for a buyer client of mine, for tomorrow.  She wanted to see six properties all within close proximity.  So I called six listing agents.  Of the six, four of the listings listed a different phone number for appointments, other than ...
It's a shame that Thanksgiving only comes around once per year.  Often times, we have so much in life that we take for granted.  No matter where you are in life, love, and fortune we should all take time and look at our lives from a distance.  Realize that it is the journey through life that we m...
  God Bless America, our Troops and our Veterans!  Let's bring our men and women home safely to their families as soon as we can.  Remember, even if you don't support the wars, it is important to support our troops.  There are no political affiliations in a fox hole.  This is the time for America...
Hello Blogsters!! I apologize for being away so long but, now I'm back blogging. And, I'm more focused than ever. You might say to yourself, what makes this guy so cheerful and poignant on this rainy and cold Tuesday morning? Well, internet readers of the world, besides the holiday cheer hangover...
In the jungle, the strongest predators prey on the weakest and most helpless.  And after years of being an entrepreneur, let me tell you, the business world is no different.  As we saw from 2003-2007, the predatory lending practices of the mortgage brokers and bankers has greatly affected the eco...

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market conditions, buyers and sellers outlook, new orleans general info.