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When I was younger, I was an avid backpacker, completing multi-day to multi-week treks throughout the Southeast and the Rockies. While the Rockies are truly magnificent, The Appalachians are among the oldest mountain chain in the world, and this has been where my heart lies. Of the Appalachians, ...
Over the weekend, Blackberry Winter has krept up on us here in Georgia. Blackberry winter marks the last major cold snap before the warm weather of Spring finally engulfs us for the remainder of the season until the first cold snap of Autumn emerges in mid-October to mark the changing of the leav...
A major part of the job of a mortgage professional, in my opinion, is helping customers get their credit cleaned up in anticipation of becoming qualified buyers. In today's market, lenders have become increasingly tighter, scrutinizing any potential credit issues in an effort to ward off the poss...
Let me introduce you to 2 new friends that I've made while here at Active Rain. These "newbies" are about as far apart geographically that you can get in North America, with one being in British Columbia, and the other being in my "neck of the woods", here in Atlanta, Georgia.                    ...
In Spring, signs of rebirth and reinvigoration can be seen everywhere. After, what seems like forever, the cold, wet, dreary days of winter begin to subside, and warmer weather, with gentle, kite flying breezes begin to take over. The new buds begin bursting forth, bringing explosions of color ba...
First, the pour...Take the glass, tilting it slightly, and hold it up to the light. Look at the clarity; the lack of any, even the finest suspended particle. As you bring it back to center, watch the legs. The fine, left-over, semi-transparent runnings back down the inside of the glass. The longe...
It's a buyer's market out there!!!...Get in while it's hot!!!...Let's Go!!!...What are you waiting for?!!!...Oh, credit woes? Well, let's work on that... While it is potentially a buyer's market, and believe it or not, a consumer doesn't necessarily have to have a ton of money for a down payment ...
My wife is a wonderfully wise and witty woman. She is my strength, and she inspires me. She supports me in my endeavors, calls me on my weirdness, and is there to whack me with a reality check when I need one. She is the yen of my yang, the apple of my eye, and the mother of my children. I met my...
I once found a little dog on the side of the road. He had no collar, his fur was matted and dirty, he was blind in one eye, missing a front leg and a sizable piece of his tail. I carried him home and named him "Lucky"...Now I'm sure most everyone has heard some version of this sad, silly little j...
A few years ago, I took my family down to Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park, in Pine Mountain, Georgia to camp. We do this regularly, as it sits outside of Callaway Gardens, where we like to go on day trips. My oldest daughter, who was 5 at the time, asked me to take her fishing at the lake in the...

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