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If you are in a position where you need to move, or just need out from under this large loan that is on your home I may be able to help with a short sale. The banks are now working with short sales instead of foreclosing. There are several different ways to deal with the bank. You can try for a l...
In the Inland Empire of California the bank owned homes are few to none these days with the moratorium over our heads. Then if the banks are not going to foreclose then why are they not speeding up with the short sale programs then. At least the average time for a short sale is about 3 months now...
We are in uncertain times. Waiting to see what the government is going to do to help and if it will help? Waiting to see what the banks are going to do with the continual flow of homes that are readjusting, are they going to start cooperating with owners or just waiting to start foreclosing again...
California OHV program was due to expire 12-31-07.  The Governor did sign a bill to extend the program until 2018 but as part of the new bill green sticker fees are to increase to $50 every two years now instead of $25.  It is going to be a little more each time but worth it to keep our legal rid...
As an avid off road person this is an important bit of information for me to get out to everyone.  I go to Ocotillo Wells frequently to ride my quad.  The whole family goes including my parents.  We enjoy large fires and lots of fun.  See you out there.  I also sell property out there.


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