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Real Estate Agent - Galleria International Realty is primary blog. But I will repost RE related blogs here.
One of the websites I peruse each day is and today they have an article comparing 12 cities in the United States and give each either a 'Buy' or 'Rent' rating.  In other words, which they feel provides a better return.  Miami received a 'Buy' due to the greatly depressed real estate...
By now most have read the alleged story of a Texas Tech economics professor who did an experiment with his class and ended up failing them all because no one wanted to work for a high grade and thus proving Socialism doesn't work.  Leaving aside the criticisms of that (urban) legendary bit, here'...
I ran across the following article on Yahoo! titled 10 Cars That Sank Detroit that I want to share.  When the 3 auto manufacturers came to DC (both times) asking for a bailout, there was a lot of talk about unions bleeding the companies, high pension costs, etc.  Now those are important considera...
Earlier today I ran across an article that I'm going to share titled 'Racists For Obama'.  I will not provide an in-depth commentary because this could potentially be a heavy subject.  The reason I'm sharing is because it has an interesting juxtoposition of race and our country's current economic...
RadiusThe latest residential addition to the downtown Hollywood area is Radius.  Rising 15 stories it is the premier luxury high-rise condo building in the area.   The downtown area of Hollywood has been somewhat blighted and is undergoing revitalization so the opening of Radius is yet another po...
Note:  This is not a politically correct post.   My cousin in AZ forwarded this email to me earlier and I got a good laugh out of it.  I don't know if it's all factual so let me state that as a caveat upfront.  It's good for a laugh though.     Dear Red States:If you manage to steal this election...
  My girlfriend flew back down yesterday with a gift to me from her father.  I couldn't help but don it today...and it did elicit some smiles.  And for those who might be wondering, I do qualify to wear it.  Oh, no car bomb jokes, please.  :-)      
For over a year now we've discussed the subprime meltdown and it's possible causes.  Was it the fault of lenders and their irresponsible (and lenient) guidelines?  Was it dishonest loan officers who lied on applications in order to qualify clients?  Perhaps it's appraisers who overinflated values...
  US News & World Report released a piece that places Reston, VA in the Top Ten Brainiest places in the United States.  The report did not rank the top 10, it merely listed them alphabetically.  The piece based its assessment on "retirement destinations that attract highly educated folks".  Half...
I can't help but wonder if there are email glitches going on with AR.  Just a few days ago there was a phantom email from Jonathan Washburn, founder of ActiveRain which some received and others didn't.  My guess is that it was a glitch or something.  Well, I just noticed something else that is od...

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Contact The Author is primary blog. But I will repost RE related blogs here.