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Last weekend, I had the privilege of meeting one of my clients face to face that had, until now been just a voice on the phone and an email acquaintance.  She is one of several relatives that had inherited a bay front property, and had never seen the property.  This is undeveloped land consisting of 3 acres that extends from the main road to Willapa Bay.  The first thing we did was try to figure out where to park the car.  All along the roadside is a ditch for water drainage.  We decided to pull off into a nearby gravel driveway where there was plenty of room without blocking any cars.  We made the short hike back from there to the property and found a partial path into the wooded area.  From there, we had to rough it.  We found spots where the ground gradually sloped toward the Bay as ...
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Being a small town Real Estate agent who is from a big city environment, gives me the advantage (or disadvantage) of seeing the differences in client expectations. It started during my first winter here on the Long Beach Peninsula, when clients whose homes I had listed started calling me and asking me to go turn off the water at their house so the pipes would not freeze and burst.  At least 50% of homeowners on the Long Beach Peninsula are part time vacation home residents.  It stands to reason that they do not want to drive 2-3 hours from their home to shut off the water.  Having nothing better to do, I did not mind driving around and checking on the properties.  I enjoy helping people, and unless it becomes too intrusive, do not mind going a little out of my way.  My co-worker, like m...
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