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By Daniel Cordoba
(Asset Exchange Strategies LLC)
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When it comes to investment for retirement you have to be very careful because the investment has to be safe and secure for long period of time. People who are investing for their retirement always prefer to invest in real estate because they know that their investment would double up by the time they retire and therefore they prefer to go for self directed real estate IRA. The good thing about real estate IRA is that you can let your money work while you are working but then you also have to be careful about it because there are certain guidelines that you have to follow for self directed IRA plans. The first thing you need to do is open a self directed account with self directed custodian or administrator. This is important because the administrator must be authorized by the IRA accou...
By William J. Archambault, Jr.
(The Real Estate Investment Institute )
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So many people want to pass the buck,to blame anyone but themself for the mortgage crisis. The most maligned being the individual Loan Originator, LO. The LO's are an easy target because some of them are guilty with regard to their clients, but the same can be said about any and every identifiable group. The LO's job is rarely understood. Worst of all, LO's are vulnerable because in most states they are not even required the 90 to 180 clock hours of pass the exam class that the real estate agents call education! When the finger pointers want to it's easy to find Bubba, LO to represent all LO's. No less than the esteemed Lenn Hardly said in IT'S A MORTGAGE MESS, NOT A REAL ESTATE MESS. A DEFENSE OF REAL ESTATE AGENTS  "All the mortgage loan officer has to do is "SAY NO"!... in all the ye...

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