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By Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
Phphotograph taken by Robert Swetz - EXTRATERRESTRIAL HIGHWAY Hwy 375 Nevada 2011   Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz visits Alamo & Rachel Nevada located only minutes from AREA 51, most of the time when VB is up there he is always bumping into these "Grays, Greens and Tan" colored ET's. The "Grays" like the one in this photo taken on hwy 375 between Alamo & Rachel are very aggressive, and have been know to hurt "Humans". Well VB didn't back down to this "Gray" and after many minutes of being stared at VB yelled "ET Phone Home"! Then VB & his daughter Sherry jumping in their car and drove off. What would you do in this situation?
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 Travis Walton, Ike Bishop & Barbara Lamb in Alamo Nevada 5-30-2010    Travis Walton really moved the community of Alamo Nevada May 30th 2010 with 1 hour and 45 minutes of lecture, scenes from his movie/ book and 30 minutes of answering questions from his experience.  I have been with Travis Walton for the last three days helping him find areas in Nevada for his book signings and taking photographs & Video as his personal photographer.    Robert & Travis in Alamo Nevada 5-30-2010    I have over one hundred photographs of Travis Walton & around three hours of Video that to me is priceless and this post is just a small part of Travis Walton and his visit to the State of Nevada.    Travis Walton & Jim Moroney in Alamo Nevada 5-30-2010    Jim Moroney was another speaker in Alamo from Canad...
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   Travis Walton, Aaron Auxier and toP haT posing for Robert Swetz in Las Vegas Nevada ....    My friend Travis Walton hooked up with Aaron Auxier & toP haT at the FOX 5 parking lot in Henderson Nevada for some book signing, shaking hands and some great conversation.  This was the first time I have ever met Aaron and toP haT and these Las Vegas Locals really have it going on!  Travis Walton will be signing his re-published (Classic) book & movie "Fire in the Sky" in Rachel Nevada Saturday May 29th and Sunday May 30th in Alamo at a UFO Convention.  It is going to be a great time and I even purchased some Alien masks for the event, I asked Travis if he would take a photograph with my mask on next to him and he said (NO)!  "Let's see if old VB can talk him into it"  Here are some other gr...
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Robert Swetz has landed another "GREAT" connection through the Activerain network   I set up this HUGE event around Memorial Day weekend with a very dear friend of mine in the towns of Rachel (AREA 51) and Alamo in the State of Nevada. This afternoon at work I received a phone call from another Activerain member asking if my friend would like to do a interview with a major news channel in Las Vegas Nevada. So I contacted my friend and he said he would be happy to do a interview before he heads to (AREA 51)! And I would like to thank the (Activerain) network for some of the biggest connections to come my way within the Internet. Travis Walton will be interviewed by a news channel in Las Vegas Nevada and then Travis and his wife Dana Walton will be driving to Rachel Nevada (AREA 51) for a...
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 Vegas Bob ran into some Geese headed south for the winter in Alamo Nevada  On my way to Area 51 only one hour north of Las Vegas I came across this National Wildlife Refuge and stumbled upon a huge lake full of Canadian Geese, ducks and many more birds.  As soon as they saw me they quacked and honked "There's Vegas Bob let's get out of here and head further south!" As you can see in some of the photos there are still leaves changing colors and it was quite beautiful.  If you ever visit Las Vegas and have a interest in Wild Life and the beauty of Nature drive up Hwy 93 towards Ely, Alamo and Rachel Nevada, it's a very interesting drive.  Look for this name Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge.  Post and Pics by Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob)  Please don't duplicate without written permission ...
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By Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
 I captured some wonderful pics of some horses on my way to Rachel Nevada, these horses were around the Alamo area. Alamo is a little over one hour north of Las Vegas.  These three horses asked me "Vegas Bob, what brings you up to our neck of the woods"?  This beauty was posing for Vegas Bob!  These two photos above look like the same horses as the pic of the three together at the top page, but if you look real close they aren't. If fact these two above that were posing for Vegas Bob were about 20 miles north of the other ones.  These photographs were taken by Robert Swetz 5-23-2009 in Alamo Nevada - duplication is prohibited by copyright laws - all rights are reserved. I have re-sized the photos so they may be a little fuzzy.  Please feel free to look at my wonderful Real Estate web s...
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